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February, 2003

US Broadband Penetration Breaks 30% in December

Broadband penetration broke 30% for first time in December 2002 in US households. 67.5% of US home users connect at 56Kbps or less. more »

March, 2003

US Broadband Continues Steady Growth

Broadband penetration in the US climbed to 33.5% in February 2003. 66.5% of US home users connect at 56Kbps or less. Spain has the highest percentage of broadband users in Europe with 37% by the end of 2002. more »

April, 2003

Canadian Broadband Continues Record Growth

Broadband penetration in US homes slowed somewhat in March. As of March of 2003 broadband penetration was at 33.8%, up from 33.5% in February. In contrast, 64% of Canadian home users enjoy a broadband connection. more »

May, 2003

US Broadband Penetration Breaks 35%

Broadband penetration in US homes jumped 1.7 percentage points in April 2003. Over 35% of wired households in the US enjoy a broadband connection. more »

June, 2003

Korean Broadband Penetration Breaks 70%

Subsidized by the Korean government, Korean broadband penetration has broken 70%. Meanwhile, US broadband growth grew by just 0.4 percentage points in May 2003. more »

July, 2003

Cable Trumps DSL

In the US, cable has from 67% to 105% more subscribers than DSL, according to two recent surveys. Cable share in the US should exceed 25% by summer 2006. more »

August, 2003

Australian Broadband Penetration Breaks 15%

Over 15% of wired Australian households have a broadband connection while 8.3% of New Zealand workers have DSL. US broadband penetration jumped by 1.1 percentage points in July to 37.8%. more »

September, 2003

Iceland Gives Internet Warm Reception

Iceland leads all countries in Internet subscribers per 100 inhabitants, according to the ITU's "Birth of Broadband" report. Broadband penetration in US homes increased by 1.09 percentage points in August to 38.9%. more »

October, 2003

US Broadband Breaks 40%

In US homes, broadband penetration reached 40% in September, up from 38.9% in August. In Britain, the practice of splitting phone lines is reducing connection speeds. more »

November, 2003

Broadband Use Tracks Household Income

In wired US homes, broadband penetration jumped to 40.9% in October, up from 40% in September 2003. Cable dominates DSL in the US, while DSL dominates cable worldwide. more »

December, 2003

US Broadband Penetration Slows to 41.5%

In Internet connected U.S. households, broadband penetration increased 0.62 percentage points to 41.5% in November 2003. 58.5% of US home users connect to the Internet with narrowband connections of 56Kbps or less. more »
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