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January, 2005

U.S. Broadband Users Up 35.9% in 2004

In 2004, the number of broadband users in US homes increased by 35.9%, outpacing the growth at work by nearly 15%. In December 2004, U.S. broadband penetration climbed 1.1 percentage points to 54.69%. more »

February, 2005

Broadband Buyers Dominate Online

Broadband users buy over two thirds of online purchases, according to Nielsen//NetRatings. While women now outpace men in European Internet uptake, the digital divide remains. In January 2005, U.S. broadband penetration increased to 55.5%. more »

March, 2005

It's a Broadband World After All

Worldwide, over 62% of the Internet population uses broadband as their primary connection. While broadband penetration grew by 24% last year, narrowband connections still dominate many rural areas. In the US broadband penetration grew by 0.55 percentage points to 56.29% in February 2005. more »

April, 2005

Belgium Leads European Countries in Broadband Penetration

Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland lead European countries in overall broadband penetration, according to a survey by in March 2005. U.S. broadband penetration grew by 0.75 percentage points to 57% in March 2005. more »

May, 2005

UK's Digital Divide

In Britain, broadband penetration is a tale of haves and have-nots. Does Labour beat the Tory party in the race for broadband supremacy? US broadband penetration jumped by 1.42 percentage points to 58.46% in April 2005. more »

June, 2005

US-Canadian Broadband Penetration Gap at 20 Points

Canadians enjoy a 20 point lead over the US in broadband penetration. US broadband penetration crept up 0.36 percentage points to 58.82% in May 2005. more »

July, 2005

FCC Fudging Broadband Figures?

The FCC's recent broadband penetration report has critics wondering about its accuracy. US broadband penetration jumped 1.36 percentage points to 58.6% in June 2005. more »

August, 2005

FCC Ignores Digital Divide While US Broadband Drops Worldwide

In response to the July FCC broadband report the Free Press concludes that the US is falling behind other countries in broadband speeds and penetration due to market and policy failures. US broadband penetration neared 60% in July 2005. more »

September, 2005

US Broadband Breaks 60% among Active Internet Users, but growth slows

US broadband penetration broke 60% for the first time in August 2005 rising to 61.3% among active Internet users. However, broadband penetration growth is slowing according to a recent study. Britons enjoy a commanding lead over the US with nearly 75% of UK Internet households reporting a broadband connection. more »

October, 2005

UK Passes US in Broadband Penetration

The UK passed the US for the first time in broadband penetration on a per-capita basis in August. The US continued its fall to 13th in broadband penetration among all OECD countries, yet leads all countries surveyed in total broadband subscriptions. Finland, the Netherlands, and Norway lead the pack in broadband penetration growth. more »

November, 2005

US Passes Singapore to 15th in Global Broadband Penetration

The US has passed Singapore in broadband penetration among 100 inhabitants. US broadband penetration grew 1.3 percentage points to 63.8% among active Internet users in October 2005. more »

December, 2005

Telcos Tout Two-Tier Internet

Telecommunications companies are lobbying Congress to create a two-tier Internet where their own services would have higher priority than their competitors. US broadband penetration neared 65% in November among active Internet users. more »
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