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January, 2007

Broadband Black Holes Persist

Despite President Bush's promise of universal access to broadband by 2007 there are still areas within the US that have little or no coverage. In the UK, broadband has become cheaper than dial-up access. Meanwhile in the US broadband grew to 78.5% in December among active Internet users. more »

February, 2007

iTunes Popularity to Surpass RealPlayer in 2007

Unique iTunes users will exceed RealPlayer users by the first half of 2007, according to projections by Website Optimization. European broadband penetration growth is slowing as the US approaches 80% penetration among active Internet users. more »

March, 2007

US Broadband Penetration Breaks 80% Among Active Internet Users

US broadband penetration broke 80% among active Internet users in February 2007. Canada spends more time online than any other country, according to a recent survey by comScore Networks. more »

April, 2007

US Falls to 25th in Broadband Penetration Worldwide

The US fell from 23rd to 25th place in worldwide broadband penetration in the last half of 2006, according to a recent survey by Point Topic. An OECD study confirms the slowdown, with US broadband growth falling below the OECD average. Meanwhile, US broadband penetration grew 0.65 percentage points to 80.81% among active Internet users in March 2007. more »

May, 2007

OECD Broadband Report Questioned

Questions over a recent OECD broadband report have caused a broadband brouhaha among the cognoscenti. Broadband penetration in US homes grew to 81.8% among active Internet users in April 2007. more »

June, 2007

Over Half of US Households Subscribe to Broadband

53% of all US households now subscribe to broadband, according to Leichtman Research Group. Internet use is strongly tied to income. For US households with annual incomes above $75,000, 92% subscribe to an Internet service. Among active Internet users, 82.2% subscribe to broadband, up over 10 percentage points from last year. more »

July, 2007

Google Dominates Top Video Sites

WIth its acquisition of YouTube, Google now dominates the top ten video sites on the Internet in unique users, stickiness, and growth. Despite accounting for a small fraction of files on the Internet, web videos account for a disproportionate amount of traffic. Meanwhile broadband penetration among active Internet users grew to 83.23% in US homes in June. more »

August, 2007

US Jumps to 24th in Worldwide Broadband Penetration

Reversing a previous trend, the US jumped to 24th place in worldwide broadband penetration in the first quarter of 2007. While South Korea remains the leading broadband nation, Hong Kong should pass South Korea in household broadband penetration this summer at current growth rates. more »

September, 2007

Europe Passes US in Broadband Penetration

The EU has passed the US in broadband penetration, according to a broadband survey from ECTA. ECTA attributes the 16% growth in broadband lines over the last six months to increased competition from new telecom entrants employing local loop unbundling and cable. more »

October, 2007

Western Europe Leads North America in Broadband Growth

Western European countries are adding broadband subscribers at a faster pace than the US and Canada, according to a recent report by Point Topic. more »

November, 2007

Japanese Broadband World's Fastest, Cheapest

Japan leads the world with the fastest and lowest unit cost for broadband, according to recent data from the OECD. Japan enjoys costs per megabit per second over four times lower than that of the US. Iceland cooled off in global broadband penetration rankings falling from third to sixth from Q4 200 to Q2 2007, while the US remained in 15th place overall. more »

December, 2007

Broadband Achieves Majority Fastest

Faster than any other consumer technology, broadband achieved more than 50% adoption according to a survey by Pew Internet. Iceland leads the EU27 in household broadband penetration. more »
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