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January, 2008

iTunes Player Hits a High Note, Passes RealPlayer

Apple's iTunes player passed RealPlayer in 2007 to become the second most popular streaming media player on the Internet. Growing at an annual rate of 26.8% iTunes hit a high note while the rest of the band was flat. more »

February, 2008

US Broadband Penetration to Break 90% by Mid-2008 Among Active Internet Users

Broadband penetration among active Internet users should break 90% by mid-2008 in the U.S, according to projections by Website Optimization. Overall, broadband penetration is 57% in U.S. households, according to a recent survey. A broadband stimulus package could realize an economic impact nearly as much as the economic stimulus package recently passed by Congress. more »

March, 2008

Survey: Europe to Pass US in Wi-Fi Use

Europe will soon pass the US in wireless usage at current growth rates, according to a recent survey. The FCC has redefined how it measures broadband, more than tripling the defined speed and eliminating the zip-code designation. more »

April, 2008

Broadband Penetration Grows to 57% in US Homes

Broadband penetration in US households grew to 57% in March 2008. Some 12 percent of consumers 'borrow' free wireless connections, according to a new survey. more »

May, 2008

US Broadband Penetration Growth Drops to 17th Worldwide

The US fell from 15th to 17th place in broadband growth worldwide, according to a new survey from the OECD. Overall, the US remained at 15th place in broadband penetration worldwide, relying on cable to provide the majority of broadband connections while most of the leading countries rely on DSL. more »

June, 2008

US Needs Broadband Czar Says FCC

In order to compete worldwide, the US needs a "broadband czar" to coordinate how government agencies promote broadband. The average broadband speed in the US is more than ten times slower than Japan at four times the cost. more »

July, 2008

US Broadband Penetration Breaks 90% among Active Internet Users

For the first time, US broadband penetration broke ninety percent among active Internet users in June 2008. more »

August, 2008

YouTube Dwarfs Top Video Sites

YouTube continues to dominate the top ten video sites, with over 77 million viewers in July. The US ranks 15th in broadband speed worldwide behind top-ranking Japan, according to a recent study. more »

September, 2008

US Drops to 19th in Broadband Penetration Worldwide

US broadband penetration dropped from 17th to 19th place overall among all countries surveyed over the past two quarters. Monaco leads all nations surveyed with 40.6% of the population on broadband and 100% of households. more »

October, 2008

Fortune RealDVD Story Cites Bandwidth Report

RealNetworks' RealDVD software has raised the ire of Hollywood studios. Now that Apple's iTunes has surpassed RealPlayer in market share, Real needs a hit product to regain its once dominant position. more »

UK to pass Canada in Broadband Penetration in 2008

The UK will pass Canada in broadband penetration in late 2008, according to projections by Website Optimization. Japan and Korea now have more fiber-based broadband connections than DSL or cable. more »

November, 2008

Universal TV White Space Broadband?

The FCC has released the 'white spaces' of unused television spectrum to the public. This ruling opens the way for universal, low-cost broadband access for every American household. more »

December, 2008

Universal Broadband Plan Calls for $44 billion in Spending

The new Obama administration has pledged to deploy next-generation broadband to every community in America, but has offered few specifics. The Free Press has published a specific plan to accomplish broadband for all. China has passed the US in total broadband subscribers. more »
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