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January, 2009

Average UK Broadband Speed Is 3.6Mbps

Broadband subscribers in the UK experience an average download speed of 3.6Mbps, only a fraction (45%) of the advertised speed of up to 8Mbps. Google has just the answer to disgruntled broadband subscribers, launching a new M-Lab service to measure user connections. more »

February, 2009

UK Broadband Penetration Breaks 95%

Broadband penetration in the UK has gone so high that the Office for National Statistics has discontinued its quarterly reporting of broadband growth. Nearly 60% of broadband users in the UK enjoy speeds of 2Mbps or higher. more »

March, 2009

Apple Streaming Media Players Target Microsoft

The popularity of Apple's iTunes and QuickTime players has grown from 32% to 36.4% over the past year, while Microsoft's Windows Media Player has remained unchanged at 50.7% share. Broadband lines grew by 20% in Europe over the past year, while growth slowed in the US to 59% broadband penetration. more »

April, 2009

UK Broadband Penetration Drops to 14th Worldwide

Over the last quarter of 2008 the UK and Canada dropped behind the tiny Bailiwick of Guernsey to 14th and 15th place respectively in the global broadband penetration race. Meanwhile in the US, broadband penetration dropped to 93.1% among active Internet users. more »

May, 2009

Japanese Broadband Nears 50% Fiber

Japan is poised to break an important milestone this summer, with 50% of broadband users on high-speed fiber-optic lines. And the Japanese (along with Korea, the UK, and France) enjoy some of the lowest cost bandwidth available worldwide. more »

June, 2009

US Broadband Penetration Grows to 63%

Overall broadband penetration in US homes grew to 63% in March 2009, despite an increase in average monthly rates. This growth was fueled largely by low-usage individuals including seniors and low-income Americans. more »

July, 2009

Majority of Americans Wireless

More than half of all Americans have accessed the Internet by wireless means, according to a recent survey. WiMAX will spread to 120 million Americans by the end of 2010, and we debut a more accurate broadband survey. more »

August, 2009

US Broadband Speed 18th Worldwide

The US came in 18th worldwide in average connection speed, growing at about half the worldwide average increase over the past year. Delaware had the fastest connection speed among the 50 states surveyed, while DC had the slowest. more »

September, 2009

Monaco Wins Broadband Jackpot

Monaco trumped the world with the highest broadband penetration rate of 47.4 percent among all countries surveyed. The UK dropped from 14th place to 17th place in broadband penetration over the past two quarters. more »

October, 2009

Bulgaria Leads Europe in Broadband Growth

Bulgaria leads all of Europe in broadband growth, according to a recent survey by ECTA. Although it lags in overall broadband penetration to top ranked Denmark and the Netherlands, Bulgaria's annual broadband growth rate is over 228%. more »

November, 2009

FCC Identifies Broadband Gaps

A Harvard study commissioned by the FCC found that open access to broadband lines through local loop "unbundling" is one key factor in fostering widespread adoption of broadband in the US and other countries. more »

December, 2009

Study: Americans Lead World in Broadband Use

The US ranks near the top in Internet usage, and leads the world in total broadband subscribers, according to recent studies. more »
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