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January, 2012

US and Canada Drop in Broadband Penetration Worldwide

The United States and Canada both dropped in worldwide broadband rankings last year, according to a recent broadband survey. The US dropped to 23rd place in Q1 2011 in broadband penetration. more »

April, 2012

2012 Olympics to Strain Broadband Networks

The 2012 London Olympics could place a major strain on the existing broadband infrastructure, warns the ISPA. The BBC plans on streaming 24 HD feeds during the Olympics. more »

July, 2012

Poland Tops in Broadband Growth Worldwide

Poland topped all countries in broadband growth in a recent survey. The US remained in 15th place in broadband penetration worldwide. more »

August, 2012

US Jumps to 7th in Wireless Broadband Penetration Worldwide

The United States jumped to 7th place in wireless broadband penetration worldwide in late 2011. Korea, Sweden and Finland top all countries surveyed in wireless broadband. more »

September, 2012

FCC Tests Wired Broadband Performance Among Large ISPs, Part I

Although the gap between advertised and actual broadband speeds is closing among US ISPs, there is still a 25-33 percentage point difference between the fastest and slowest providers at identical speed tiers, more »

October, 2012

FCC Tests Broadband Performance Among Large ISPs, Part II

In terms of web performance, the most effective upgrade consumers can make is moving from 1-3 Mbps to 6-10 Mbps broadband. Above 10-12 Mbps, web page load times don't increase in in proportion to broadband speeds. Despite the fact that speeds above 10-12 Mbps have little effect on web page browsing speeds, more people are upgrading from the mid-range tiers than other speeds. more »
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