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January, 2013

New Zealand Tops in Broadband Growth Worldwide

New Zealand topped all countries in broadband growth in a recent survey. The US remained in 15th place in broadband penetration worldwide. more »

February, 2013

Over 700 Million People on Mobile Broadband

More than 700 million people subscribe to mobile broadband plans worldwide, according to a recent survey. The United States dropped to 8th place in wireless broadband penetration in June 2012, passed by a surging Australia. more »

May, 2013

Trend: Wireless+Mobile Device Traffic to Pass PC Desktops by 2017

Mobile devices will dominate desktops by 2017, according to predictions by Cisco. While desktop PC traffic now dominates non-PC traffic, the situation will reverse by 2017. more »

July, 2013

USA Passes Japan in Wireless Broadband Among G7

The United States passed Japan in wireless broadband penetration for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2012, in a recent survey. Finland tops all countries in wireless broadband with 106% penetration. more »

August, 2013

Mexico Tops in Broadband Growth

Mexico was tops in broadband penetration growth in a recent survey. Switzerland topped all countries in broadband penetration with 43.4% penetration per 100 inhabitants. Meanwhile the US remained stuck in 15th place in broadband penetration, relying mainly on cable subscribers while the top countries had 57.3% DSL subscribers. more »
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