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Mobile Web Page Load Time Penalty

Mobile devices incur a 50% penalty in webpage load times versus their desktop counterparts. We explore the differences from a recent survey. more »

US Broadband Penetration Drops to 27th Place Worldwide

The United States dropped two places in broadband penetration rankings in just over a year, according to a survey by Point Topic. Serbia leads the world with an annual broadband growth rate of 68%. more »

The Benefits of Broadband

A recent report on the spread of broadband throughout the world quantified the many benefits of broadband. The report found that broadband investment has a multiplier effect on ncreased GDP growth, productivity, and jobs. more »

Over 2 Billion Internet Users Worldwide

More than 2 billion people use the Internet worldwide, according to a recent survey. Europe leads the world in fixed broadband adoption with 54% more penetration than the Americas. more »

European Mobile Broadband Penetration Nearly Twice the Americas

Europe leads the world in mobile broadband penetration with nearly twice the adoption rate of the Americas. The Commonwealth of Independent States leads the world in cellular adoption with over 130% penetration. more »

US Broadband Speed Jumps to 16th Worldwide

The US has improved its broadband speed rankings from 22nd to 16th worldwide, according to an Akamai broadband survey. Delaware enjoys the fastest connections in the US, and California continues to dominate the top US cities for fast broadband. We also show the slowest countries and US states. more »

US Drops to 22nd in Broadband Speed Worldwide

The average connection speed in the United States fell from 18th to 22nd place worldwide in the last quarter of 2009. The fastest broadband cities in the US are college towns. more »

UK Broadband Penetration Drops to 14th Worldwide

Over the last quarter of 2008 the UK and Canada dropped behind the tiny Bailiwick of Guernsey to 14th and 15th place respectively in the global broadband penetration race. Meanwhile in the US, broadband penetration dropped to 93.1% among active Internet users. more »

UK to pass Canada in Broadband Penetration in 2008

The UK will pass Canada in broadband penetration in late 2008, according to projections by Website Optimization. Japan and Korea now have more fiber-based broadband connections than DSL or cable. more »

YouTube Dwarfs Top Video Sites

YouTube continues to dominate the top ten video sites, with over 77 million viewers in July. The US ranks 15th in broadband speed worldwide behind top-ranking Japan, according to a recent study. more »

US Needs Broadband Czar Says FCC

In order to compete worldwide, the US needs a "broadband czar" to coordinate how government agencies promote broadband. The average broadband speed in the US is more than ten times slower than Japan at four times the cost. more »

US Broadband Penetration Growth Drops to 17th Worldwide

The US fell from 15th to 17th place in broadband growth worldwide, according to a new survey from the OECD. Overall, the US remained at 15th place in broadband penetration worldwide, relying on cable to provide the majority of broadband connections while most of the leading countries rely on DSL. more »

Survey: Europe to Pass US in Wi-Fi Use

Europe will soon pass the US in wireless usage at current growth rates, according to a recent survey. The FCC has redefined how it measures broadband, more than tripling the defined speed and eliminating the zip-code designation. more »

Japanese Broadband World's Fastest, Cheapest

Japan leads the world with the fastest and lowest unit cost for broadband, according to recent data from the OECD. Japan enjoys costs per megabit per second over four times lower than that of the US. Iceland cooled off in global broadband penetration rankings falling from third to sixth from Q4 200 to Q2 2007, while the US remained in 15th place overall. more »

Western Europe Leads North America in Broadband Growth

Western European countries are adding broadband subscribers at a faster pace than the US and Canada, according to a recent report by Point Topic. more »

Over Half of US Households Subscribe to Broadband

53% of all US households now subscribe to broadband, according to Leichtman Research Group. Internet use is strongly tied to income. For US households with annual incomes above $75,000, 92% subscribe to an Internet service. Among active Internet users, 82.2% subscribe to broadband, up over 10 percentage points from last year. more »

OECD Broadband Report Questioned

Questions over a recent OECD broadband report have caused a broadband brouhaha among the cognoscenti. Broadband penetration in US homes grew to 81.8% among active Internet users in April 2007. more »

US Falls to 25th in Broadband Penetration Worldwide

The US fell from 23rd to 25th place in worldwide broadband penetration in the last half of 2006, according to a recent survey by Point Topic. An OECD study confirms the slowdown, with US broadband growth falling below the OECD average. Meanwhile, US broadband penetration grew 0.65 percentage points to 80.81% among active Internet users in March 2007. more »

UK Passes Japan in Broadband Penetration

The UK passed Japan and the US in broadband penetration during the first quarter of 2006. The UK's faster growth rate propelled it to second place in the G7, behind first place Canada. US broadband penetration grew only 0.27% among active Internet users to 76.6% in October 2006. more »

China to Pass US in Total Broadband Lines

China will pass the US in total broadband lines by the third quarter of 2006. UK broadband penetration will nearly double by 2008 and US broadband penetration among active Internet users broke 75% in September 2006. more »

US Drops to 20th in Broadband Penetration

Despite leading the world in broadband subscribers, the US dropped from 17th to 20th place in broadband penetration over the past year. Falling behind Sweden, the UK, and tiny Luxembourg the US grew by only 27.1% to 44.5% penetration from March 2005 to March 2006. Meanwhile, US broadband penetration among active Internet users grew 1.34 percentage points to 73.1% in June 2006. more »

China will pass US in Broadband Lines by late 2006

China will pass the US in total broadband subscribers by the end of 2006. The US fell to 19th overall in broadband penetration worldwide, and is in danger of being passed by Slovenia in early 2007. Meanwhile, in December 2005 US broadband penetration broke 65% for the first time among active Internet users. more »

US Passes Singapore to 15th in Global Broadband Penetration

The US has passed Singapore in broadband penetration among 100 inhabitants. US broadband penetration grew 1.3 percentage points to 63.8% among active Internet users in October 2005. more »

UK Passes US in Broadband Penetration

The UK passed the US for the first time in broadband penetration on a per-capita basis in August. The US continued its fall to 13th in broadband penetration among all OECD countries, yet leads all countries surveyed in total broadband subscriptions. Finland, the Netherlands, and Norway lead the pack in broadband penetration growth. more »

FCC Ignores Digital Divide While US Broadband Drops Worldwide

In response to the July FCC broadband report the Free Press concludes that the US is falling behind other countries in broadband speeds and penetration due to market and policy failures. US broadband penetration neared 60% in July 2005. more »

UK's Digital Divide

In Britain, broadband penetration is a tale of haves and have-nots. Does Labour beat the Tory party in the race for broadband supremacy? US broadband penetration jumped by 1.42 percentage points to 58.46% in April 2005. more »

It's a Broadband World After All

Worldwide, over 62% of the Internet population uses broadband as their primary connection. While broadband penetration grew by 24% last year, narrowband connections still dominate many rural areas. In the US broadband penetration grew by 0.55 percentage points to 56.29% in February 2005. more »

US Broadband Penetration Crawls to 43%

US broadband adoption crawled to 43% in January, up only 0.15% from December 2003. Sweden has the highest Internet penetration worldwide at 76.9%. more »

US Broadband Penetration Jumps to 42.85%

US broadband adoption jumped to 42.85% in December, up 1.31 percentage points from 41.54% in November 2003. 57.15% of U.S. home users connect to the Internet with "narrowband" connections of 56Kbps or less. more »

Iceland Gives Internet Warm Reception

Iceland leads all countries in Internet subscribers per 100 inhabitants, according to the ITU's "Birth of Broadband" report. Broadband penetration in US homes increased by 1.09 percentage points in August to 38.9%. more »
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