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Trend: Wireless+Mobile Device Traffic to Pass PC Desktops by 2017

Mobile devices will dominate desktops by 2017, according to predictions by Cisco. While desktop PC traffic now dominates non-PC traffic, the situation will reverse by 2017. more »

FCC Tests Broadband Performance Among Large ISPs, Part II

In terms of web performance, the most effective upgrade consumers can make is moving from 1-3 Mbps to 6-10 Mbps broadband. Above 10-12 Mbps, web page load times don't increase in in proportion to broadband speeds. Despite the fact that speeds above 10-12 Mbps have little effect on web page browsing speeds, more people are upgrading from the mid-range tiers than other speeds. more »

2012 Olympics to Strain Broadband Networks

The 2012 London Olympics could place a major strain on the existing broadband infrastructure, warns the ISPA. The BBC plans on streaming 24 HD feeds during the Olympics. more »

Average Web Video Size Triples Since 2003

The size of the average web video has more than tripled since 2003. We survey the video landscape to show that the size, duration, quality, and usage of the mean web video has grown significantly over time. more »

Apple iTunes Penetration Closing Gap with Microsoft

Apple is closing the gap with Microsoft in streaming media player share. By sometime late 2011 or 2012 Apple should pass Microsoft in streaming media player users. more »

Apple to Pass Microsoft in Streaming Media Players by Early 2011

Apple is poised to pass Microsoft in the streaming media player market. Combining iTunes and QuickTime Apple narrowed the gap with Microsoft to 7.6 percentage points in August 2010. At current growth rates, Apple should pass Microsoft in streaming media player usage by early 2011. more »

Apple Bites into Microsoft's Streaming Media Lead

Who will get the biggest piece of the streaming media pie? By sometime next year it could very well be Apple. more »

Apple Streaming Media Players Target Microsoft

The popularity of Apple's iTunes and QuickTime players has grown from 32% to 36.4% over the past year, while Microsoft's Windows Media Player has remained unchanged at 50.7% share. Broadband lines grew by 20% in Europe over the past year, while growth slowed in the US to 59% broadband penetration. more »

Fortune RealDVD Story Cites Bandwidth Report

RealNetworks' RealDVD software has raised the ire of Hollywood studios. Now that Apple's iTunes has surpassed RealPlayer in market share, Real needs a hit product to regain its once dominant position. more »

YouTube Dwarfs Top Video Sites

YouTube continues to dominate the top ten video sites, with over 77 million viewers in July. The US ranks 15th in broadband speed worldwide behind top-ranking Japan, according to a recent study. more »

iTunes Player Hits a High Note, Passes RealPlayer

Apple's iTunes player passed RealPlayer in 2007 to become the second most popular streaming media player on the Internet. Growing at an annual rate of 26.8% iTunes hit a high note while the rest of the band was flat. more »

Google Dominates Top Video Sites

WIth its acquisition of YouTube, Google now dominates the top ten video sites on the Internet in unique users, stickiness, and growth. Despite accounting for a small fraction of files on the Internet, web videos account for a disproportionate amount of traffic. Meanwhile broadband penetration among active Internet users grew to 83.23% in US homes in June. more »

iTunes Popularity to Surpass RealPlayer in 2007

Unique iTunes users will exceed RealPlayer users by the first half of 2007, according to projections by Website Optimization. European broadband penetration growth is slowing as the US approaches 80% penetration among active Internet users. more »

Apple iTunes Usage Grows 69% Over Past Year

iTunes users grew by nearly 69% over the past year, but by only 26% since January. Among the big four streaming media players, only RealPlayer showed significant growth compared to Apple since the beginning of 2006. more »

Apple's iTunes Player Climbs Streaming Media Charts

Podcasting is taking off and iPods are seemingly ubiquitous. Unique users of Apple's iTunes player should pass RealPlayer by mid-2006 with nearly 30 million users in the US alone. People are tuning in over twice as long with iTunes than with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player. As broadband penetration increases we are spending more time on our computers. more »
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Last modified: August 26, 2013.

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