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The Benefits of Broadband

A recent report on the spread of broadband throughout the world quantified the many benefits of broadband. The report found that broadband investment has a multiplier effect on ncreased GDP growth, productivity, and jobs. more »

FCC Identifies Broadband Gaps

A Harvard study commissioned by the FCC found that open access to broadband lines through local loop "unbundling" is one key factor in fostering widespread adoption of broadband in the US and other countries. more »

Universal Broadband Plan Calls for $44 billion in Spending

The new Obama administration has pledged to deploy next-generation broadband to every community in America, but has offered few specifics. The Free Press has published a specific plan to accomplish broadband for all. China has passed the US in total broadband subscribers. more »

Universal TV White Space Broadband?

The FCC has released the 'white spaces' of unused television spectrum to the public. This ruling opens the way for universal, low-cost broadband access for every American household. more »

US Needs Broadband Czar Says FCC

In order to compete worldwide, the US needs a "broadband czar" to coordinate how government agencies promote broadband. The average broadband speed in the US is more than ten times slower than Japan at four times the cost. more »

US Broadband Penetration to Break 90% by Mid-2008 Among Active Internet Users

Broadband penetration among active Internet users should break 90% by mid-2008 in the U.S, according to projections by Website Optimization. Overall, broadband penetration is 57% in U.S. households, according to a recent survey. A broadband stimulus package could realize an economic impact nearly as much as the economic stimulus package recently passed by Congress. more »

European Broadband Penetration Gap Widening

The broadband gap in Europe is widening, according to a recent survey. While Denmark, the Netherlands, and Finland top the EU, Greece, Poland, and Slovakia are trailing in broadband penetration. Meanwhile in the US, broadband penetration among active Internet users neared 75% in August 2006. more »

Bush Broadband Goal Gored

President Bush's goal of universal broadband access for all Americans by 2007 appears to be in doubt, according to a recent GAO report. Between 42% to 48% of online Americans subscribe to a broadband service, according to two surveys. Among active Internet users, US broadband penetration broke 70% for the first time in April 2006. In Europe, slow adoption among new member states has created a two-speed European Union. more »

Telcos Tout Two-Tier Internet

Telecommunications companies are lobbying Congress to create a two-tier Internet where their own services would have higher priority than their competitors. US broadband penetration neared 65% in November among active Internet users. more »

FCC Ignores Digital Divide While US Broadband Drops Worldwide

In response to the July FCC broadband report the Free Press concludes that the US is falling behind other countries in broadband speeds and penetration due to market and policy failures. US broadband penetration neared 60% in July 2005. more »

FCC Fudging Broadband Figures?

The FCC's recent broadband penetration report has critics wondering about its accuracy. US broadband penetration jumped 1.36 percentage points to 58.6% in June 2005. more »

US Broadband Penetration Drops to 51.3% Among Active Internet Users

For the first time, US broadband penetration decreased among active Internet users in September 2004. In an effort to boost US broadband penetration the FCC Thursday approved rules governing broadband over power lines. more »
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Last modified: August 26, 2013.

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