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Mobile Web Page Load Time Penalty

Mobile devices incur a 50% penalty in webpage load times versus their desktop counterparts. We explore the differences from a recent survey. more »

Trend: Wireless+Mobile Device Traffic to Pass PC Desktops by 2017

Mobile devices will dominate desktops by 2017, according to predictions by Cisco. While desktop PC traffic now dominates non-PC traffic, the situation will reverse by 2017. more »

US Jumps to 7th in Wireless Broadband Penetration Worldwide

The United States jumped to 7th place in wireless broadband penetration worldwide in late 2011. Korea, Sweden and Finland top all countries surveyed in wireless broadband. more »

2012 Olympics to Strain Broadband Networks

The 2012 London Olympics could place a major strain on the existing broadband infrastructure, warns the ISPA. The BBC plans on streaming 24 HD feeds during the Olympics. more »

1.2 Billion Active Mobile Broadband Users

There are over 1.2 billion active mobile broadband users worldwide, according to a recent survey. Europe leads the world in broadband penetration, for both wired and wireless connections. more »

Rural States Go Wireless

Rural states in the US are adopting wireless technology at a faster clip than urban states. However, our need for speed is being hampered by the slow release of the wireless spectrum. Will spectrum supply keep up with demand? more »

US Wireless Broadband Penetration 24th Worldwide

The US ranks 24th in wireless broadband penetration worldwide, according to a recent survey. more »

Over 2 Billion Internet Users Worldwide

More than 2 billion people use the Internet worldwide, according to a recent survey. Europe leads the world in fixed broadband adoption with 54% more penetration than the Americas. more »

European Mobile Broadband Penetration Nearly Twice the Americas

Europe leads the world in mobile broadband penetration with nearly twice the adoption rate of the Americas. The Commonwealth of Independent States leads the world in cellular adoption with over 130% penetration. more »

Nearly Two-Thirds of US Broadband Subscribers are Wireless

Most broadband subscribers in the US are wireless, according to a recent survey. The United States ranks 9th worldwide in wireless broadband penetration. more »

US Broadband Speed Jumps to 16th Worldwide

The US has improved its broadband speed rankings from 22nd to 16th worldwide, according to an Akamai broadband survey. Delaware enjoys the fastest connections in the US, and California continues to dominate the top US cities for fast broadband. We also show the slowest countries and US states. more »

US Drops to 22nd in Broadband Speed Worldwide

The average connection speed in the United States fell from 18th to 22nd place worldwide in the last quarter of 2009. The fastest broadband cities in the US are college towns. more »

Study: Two-Thirds of World Mobile Subscribers

Over two-thirds of the world's inhabitants have a mobile subscription, which is driving more Internet users to use wireless broadband connections.Google and the FCC propose higher speed networks to increase competitiveness. more »

Study: Americans Lead World in Broadband Use

The US ranks near the top in Internet usage, and leads the world in total broadband subscribers, according to recent studies. more »

FCC Identifies Broadband Gaps

A Harvard study commissioned by the FCC found that open access to broadband lines through local loop "unbundling" is one key factor in fostering widespread adoption of broadband in the US and other countries. more »

Majority of Americans Wireless

More than half of all Americans have accessed the Internet by wireless means, according to a recent survey. WiMAX will spread to 120 million Americans by the end of 2010, and we debut a more accurate broadband survey. more »

Universal TV White Space Broadband?

The FCC has released the 'white spaces' of unused television spectrum to the public. This ruling opens the way for universal, low-cost broadband access for every American household. more »

YouTube Dwarfs Top Video Sites

YouTube continues to dominate the top ten video sites, with over 77 million viewers in July. The US ranks 15th in broadband speed worldwide behind top-ranking Japan, according to a recent study. more »

Broadband Penetration Grows to 57% in US Homes

Broadband penetration in US households grew to 57% in March 2008. Some 12 percent of consumers 'borrow' free wireless connections, according to a new survey. more »

Survey: Europe to Pass US in Wi-Fi Use

Europe will soon pass the US in wireless usage at current growth rates, according to a recent survey. The FCC has redefined how it measures broadband, more than tripling the defined speed and eliminating the zip-code designation. more »
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