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July, 2008 Announces Website Optimization Secrets Book announces their new book titled Website Optimization Secrets. Published by O'Reilly Media, Secrets shows how online marketing and web performance can work together to persuade browsers into becoming buyers. more »

Ann Arbor News Interviews Andy King on Website Optimization

An interview with Andy King on his new book Website Optimization. more »

O'Reilly Media's Website Optimization Book Site

O'Reilly's section on our Website Optimization book lets you preview the book, buy PDFs of chapters, and buy direct from O'Reilly US or UK. more » Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

W.F. Zimmerman briefly reviewed Secrets calling it "outstanding and definitive."

Optimizing Web Performance with AOL Pagetest

Dave Artz, co-author of the Website Optimization Metrics chapter, created a screencast about AOL Pagetest to demonstrate this cool tool. more »

Website Optimization: New From O'Reilly

O'Reilly announces our Website Optimization Secrets book. more »

August, 2008

Pure Visibility announces role in new O'Reilly Website Optimization Book

Pure Visibility played an important role in my Website Optimization Secrets book. They wrote two fine PPC chapters for my new book. more »

Wicked Sciences Reviews Website Optimization Secrets Book

Wicked Sciences has reviewed Website Optimization Secrets from an insider's perspective. more »

Mantex Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Mantex UK has the first full review of Website Optimization Secrets. more » Announces Free Sample Chapter Conversion Rate Optimization

Website Optimization announces free sample chapter "Conversion Rate Optimization" from Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine & Conversion Rate Secrets book. more »

Get Elastic Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Get Elastic, an ecommerce blog, just posted a nice review of our new book. By Linda Bustos. more »

Dot Net Perls Reviews Website Optimization Book

Sam Allen wrote that although the SEM portion of the book is interesting, he thinks the performance advice is the most useful. more »

Search Engine Optimization Journal Reviews Website Optimization Book

SEO Journal's Nick Stamoulis gives Website Optimization Secrets a positive review. more »

Marketing Message Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

The Marketing Message Blog posted a brief review of our Website Optimization book. more »

Alexander Kirk Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Alex Kirk reviews the new Nighthawk book from O'Reilly. more »

Wider Funnel Reviews the Nighthawk Book

Web marketing firm Wider Funnel reviews Website Optimization secrets. Raquel Hirsch and Chris Goward call it a good introduction to website optimization. more »

Advanced Web Performance Optimization Excerpt from

In this excerpt from Website Optimization Secrets, shows how to optimize parallel downloads, reduce DNS lookups, and cache frequently used objects. more »

Eric Brown Reviews Website Optimization Book

IT guru Eric Brown reviews Website Optimization Secrets book. He calls it THE book on website optimization. more »

Certforums Reviews Website Optimization Secrets Book

Certforums reviewed our new book and said this 'answer-in-a-box' to website optimization could be used as a college textbook. more »

September, 2008

The Dichotomy of the Web: Stephen Pierzchala Reviews Website Optimization Book

Stephen Pierzchala shows how Secrets mirrors the split personality of the Web, business versus technology. A great web site finds the optimal balance between the two camps. more »

An In-Depth Review of Website Optimization Secrets

Cindy King reviews our new book Secrets, calling it "extremely useful." more »

Essential Keystrokes Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Polanosky calls our new book well written and a great reference book. more »

A Few More Book Reviews of Secrets

There have been a flurry of reviews of our new book lately. calls the Nighthawk book 'a must read.' more »

Computerbookreviews Reviews Website Optimization Book

Computerbookreviews reviews our new Website Optimization Secrets book. The reviewer makes a good suggestion about CMS optimization for the next edition. more »

October, 2008

ClickZ Reviews Website Optimization Secrets and the Google Sandbox

ClickZ gives our new book a great review and raises a question about the Google Sandbox. We respond with some data from actual client experience. more » Reviews Website Optimization Book reviews our new book Website Optimization Secrets. The work Andy King did at provided the foundation for the new book that Lee Underwood reviews. more »

Website Optimization Tips Article

Stephen McKinney gives 10 steps to speed up your site. The article recommends Website Optimization Secrets, and reveals a CSS selector speed test. more » Website Optimization Book a 'Must Have' has reviewed the Nighthawk book, calling it a "must have" for any commercial website. more »

Italian Book Review of Website Optimization Secrets

In this in-depth review for an Italian IT portal, Paulo De Nictolis concludes that the "text is full of practical advice, and [it has an] excellent companion site." more »

November, 2008

Must-Read Website Optimization Books

Web analyst Rich Page has included our book in a top five list of new website optimization books. His top five also includes Landing Page Optimization and Actionable Web Analytics. more »

Michigan Alumnus Mentions Website Optimization Book

The University of Michigan Alumnus magazine mentioned our book Secrets in their late Fall 2008 issue. more »

Slashdot Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Slashdot has reviewed our Website Optimization book. Michael Ross does a thorough job, and gives us some food for thought for future editions. more »

Midwest Book Review on Website Optimization Secrets

Website Optimization Secrets was briefly reviewed by Midwest Book Review in November, under their computer shelf. more »

Digital Web Magazine Reviews Nighthawk Book

Andrew Stevens has reviewed our new book Website Optimization Secrets. Stevens caught how the meaning of the word "optimization" has changed from speed to overall effectiveness. more »

Ariadne Reviews Nighthawk Book

Peter Cliff used to think that 'Website Optimisation' simply meant improving speed, but in this book he finds out there is much more there to it, even in the age of broadband. more »

British Computer Society Reviews Website Optimization

Simon Clarke reviews the Nighthawk book for the BCS. more »

December, 2008

SEO Soup to Nuts

Populationstatistic calls the Nighthawk book a serious guide for serious Web development. more »

Holiday Stocking Stuffer for Website Optimization Developers has poslitively reviewed our new book, calling it a great gift for the holiday season. more »

Nate Klaiber Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Nate Klaiber has written the most in-depth review of the Nighthawk book to date. more »

Website Optimization Secrets Book Review

Gabriel Svennerberg reviews our new Website Optimization Secrets book. Overall she gives the book a positive review, but finds too many references and statistics. We think that the SEM world needs more empirically-backed tips and less conventional wisdom. more »

Website Optimization by Andrew B. King

Cindy King has syndicated her review of our book Website Optimization Secrets. The spread of this review appears to have bumped us up in our Amazon rankings. Thanks Cindy, and Happy New Year! more »
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