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Website Optimization: New From O'Reilly

Summary: O'Reilly announces our Website Optimization Secrets book.

O'Reilly's announcement of our new book. Describes the book briefly and how the definition of an "optimized" website has changed over the years.

"According to King, website optimization (WSO) is ultimately about maximizing the (usually financial) return on a website investment. 'Research shows that attaining that ultimate goal is dependent upon fulfilling a set of known benchmarks, including making the site easier to find, easier to use, faster, more aesthetically pleasing, cheaper to run, and more compelling,' he explains."

This press release, written by Kathryn Barrett, does a nice job of weaving together different sources and quotes to create a unified message.

Website Optimization - New From O'Reilly

By website optimization on 30 Jul 2008 PM

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