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October 2008 Archives

October 7, 2008

ClickZ Reviews Website Optimization Secrets and the Google Sandbox

ClickZ gives our new book a great review and raises a question about the Google Sandbox. We respond with some data from actual client experience. more »

October 14, 2008 Reviews Website Optimization Book reviews our new book Website Optimization Secrets. The work Andy King did at provided the foundation for the new book that Lee Underwood reviews. more »

October 16, 2008

Website Optimization Tips Article

Stephen McKinney gives 10 steps to speed up your site. The article recommends Website Optimization Secrets, and reveals a CSS selector speed test. more »

October 19, 2008 Website Optimization Book a 'Must Have' has reviewed the Nighthawk book, calling it a "must have" for any commercial website. more »

October 29, 2008

Italian Book Review of Website Optimization Secrets

In this in-depth review for an Italian IT portal, Paulo De Nictolis concludes that the "text is full of practical advice, and [it has an] excellent companion site." more »
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