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December 2008 Archives

December 1, 2008

SEO Soup to Nuts

Populationstatistic calls the Nighthawk book a serious guide for serious Web development. more »

December 2, 2008

Holiday Stocking Stuffer for Website Optimization Developers has poslitively reviewed our new book, calling it a great gift for the holiday season. more »

December 17, 2008

Nate Klaiber Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Nate Klaiber has written the most in-depth review of the Nighthawk book to date. more »

December 27, 2008

Website Optimization Secrets Book Review

Gabriel Svennerberg reviews our new Website Optimization Secrets book. Overall she gives the book a positive review, but finds too many references and statistics. We think that the SEM world needs more empirically-backed tips and less conventional wisdom. more »

December 31, 2008

Website Optimization by Andrew B. King

Cindy King has syndicated her review of our book Website Optimization Secrets. The spread of this review appears to have bumped us up in our Amazon rankings. Thanks Cindy, and Happy New Year! more »
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