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January, 2009

British Computer Society Reviews Website Optimization Book

The British Computer Society gave our Website Optimization book high marks. more »

The Tech Static Reviews Website Optimization and Always Be Testing

Rachel Singer Gordon reviews two books under the Website Optimization rubric. She recommends Website Optimization Secrets for academic libraries. more »

Tom Pick Reviews Website Optimization Book

B2B Marketing recommends O'Reilly's Website Optimization book. We address some some minor quibbles that Pick has with some SEO tips, including the importance of inlinks and paid links. more »

March, 2009

Mightybytes Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Tim Frick reviews our Website Optimization book and recommends it to practically anyone involved in creating websites: marketers, developers, conversion boosters, and SEO and PPC practitioners as well. more »

April, 2009

Learnxpress Reviews Website Optimization Secrets Book

Learnxpress gives a five-star review to Website Optimization Secrets. The author suggests adding CMS-based SEO and performance tips to the second edition. more »

May, 2009

VoiceAmerica to Interview Author Andrew King

Author Andrew King will be interviewed on VoiceAmerica talk radio Thursday May 21, 2009 at 7pm EST. Host Stephan Jacob will interview the author on his Welcome to LITR show about optimizing websites. more »

June, 2009

Google Releases Page Speed

Google today released Page Speed, an open-source add-on to the Firefox browser. Page Speed allows developers to analyze the performance of web pages against best practices and offers recommended solutions. more »

September, 2009

Kate Trgovac Reviews Website Optimization Secrets Book

A great review of our Website Optimization book by Kate Trgovac. She only reviews books that she has actually read, and our free review copy made the cut. more »
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