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Figure 9-14. The folder icon

Chapter 9 - Advanced Web Performance Optimization

The data: URI scheme is a way to embed "immediate data" as though it were included externally. Data URIs use the following syntax:


In the case of an image, you'd use a MIME type identifying the image (e.g., image/ gif) followed by a Base64 representation of the binary image. To create a Base64 representation of a binary image you can use the online data URL generator at

Here is an example:

<img src="
MxIC6e0CcguWw6aFjsVMkkIr7g77ZKPJjPZqIyd7sJAgVGoEGv2xsBxqNgYPj/gAwXEQA7" width="16"
height="14" alt="embedded folder icon">

The resultant image is a folder icon (see Figure 9-14).

foldr icon from data uri

Figure 9-14. The folder icon

And the live example of an inline image:

embedded folder icon

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