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Code: JSON data format

Chapter 8 - Ajax Optimization

As an alternative to XML, many Ajax developers prefer to use JSON, available at JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format that is based on a subset of the JavaScript language. Because it is a subset of JavaScript, we can very easily convert a JSON response into something that the receiving script can consume directly.

For example, we may return the following, which is a valid JSON array:


Or we might return a JSON object literal such as this:

{"today": "Wednesday", "planet" : "Earth" , "mood" : "happy" }

If this were found in the responseText property of an XHR object, we might quickly make it available for use via this:

var result = eval(xhr.responseText);

And now you would be able to reference the individual values in the result object, like so:

var str = "Today is " + + " and on planet "+ result.planet + " people
are generally " + result.mood;
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