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About the Author of Website Optimization Secrets

About Andrew King

Andrew B. King is the President of Website Optimization, LLC, a web performance and search engine marketing firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since 2002, team WSO has helped firms optimize the effectiveness of their websites to improve their ROI. Their clients include Bank of America, AOL, Time Warner, NetZero,, and Caravan Tours. For more information on website optimization and the book companion site go to:

King is the author of Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization, a highly regarded book on web site performance tuning and search engine optimization. He holds BSME and MSME degrees from the University of Michigan engineering college. At the U-M he specialized in applying mathematics to the optimization of structural design and finite element analysis. He was recruited by NASA after graduation, but chose instead to join the fast-paced world of engineering consulting.

Since 1993, King has worked full time as a web professional applying and teaching web optimization and creation techniques. He is the founder and former Managing Editor of and, two award-winning developer sites acquired by Mecklermedia in 1997 (now Jupitermedia). His hobbies include photography, hiking, and skiing, and his license plate reads OPT1MIZ.

About the Chapter Contributors

King wrote chapters 1 (SEO), 2 (SEO Case Study), 6 (Web Page), 7 (CSS), and 9 (Advanced), and co-authored chapters 5 (Conversion), and 10 (Metrics). To bring you the best book possible on Website Optimization he recruited experts in other specialized fields.

PPC Optimization Chapters 3/4 written by the Pure Visibility team

Pure Visibility is an Internet marketing company founded by Linda Girard and Catherine Juon in 2005 ( The founders are pioneers in search engine marketing with innovations dating back to 1997. Pure Visibility helps national and local companies increase their visibility with their Own Page Oneâ„¢ strategy, which combines multiple forms of online marketing and web analytics to generate business and competitive advantage for their customers. Their company has continued leadership in the field of search engine marketing by employing one of the first 100 Google AdWords certified professionals in the world, and Pure Visibility is now a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant and Google AdWords Qualified company.

Conversion Rate Optimization Chapter 5 written by Matt Hockin and Andy King

Interactive Marketing is an Internet Marketing company founded by Matt Hockin of beautiful Bend, Oregon in 1997 ( Mr. Hockin's company helps business owners increase their sales by using website optimization strategies including conversion rate optimization, persuasive copywriting and search engine marketing. In 1995 during the inception of e-commerce, Hockin gained a significant amount of his experience with Internet marketing while working with pioneers in the online marketplace such as John Audette's Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc. (MMGCO). He has worked on successful marketing and publicity campaigns for companies such as Intel,, and many others companies.

Ajax Optimization Chapter 8 written by Thomas A. Powell

Thomas Powell is the CEO of PINT, Inc. ( a web design and development agency that has serviced corporations and educational institutions throughout the United States since 1994. He is the author of numerous books on JavaScript, XHTML, site design process, and Ajax including Ajax: The Complete Reference from McGraw-Hill. Mr. Powell is a frequent instructor in web design, development and programming languages for the University of California, San Diego Computer Science Department and Extension. His interest in site delivery optimization is well known from his articles in Network World to his founding of port80 software (, a firm which develops numerous products for compression, caching, and code optimization used by developers worldwide.

Web Metrics Chapter 10 written by David Artz, Daniel Shields, and Andy King

David Artz is Director of Optimization at AOL, LLC. His team's charter at AOL is to ensure that all experiences are optimized for speed, SEO, and browser accessibility. His team develops, maintains, and evangelizes a broad set of optimization tools, standards, and best practices that stretch across roles in design, development, and copywriting. Their innovative solutions have led to real results in page monetization for, and their evangelism has paid off in lighter, more streamlined designs. Their ultimate goal is to infuse the optimization mindset and skillset into AOL's workforce and their outsourcing partners and help drive and track results, maximizing revenue by optimizing pages. He is currently living in the DC area with his Brazilian wife, Janaina, and dog, Ziggy. See also

Daniel Shields is the chief analyst and co-founder of Wicked Business Sciences in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ( His company specializes in developing application measurement technologies to enhance function and increase metrics output from eCommerce web sites. Mr. Shields is frequently sought after for advanced multivariate testing services, strategic personalization analysis, and lab based usability testing. Mr. Shields got his formal introduction to enterprise web analytics through where he is acting manager of eCommerce Initiatives.

To all of these contributors along with all the people that helped edit the book the author is deeply indebted.

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