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Figure 6-3. SSI inserted banner ad eliminates JavaScript includes

Chapter 6 - Web Page Optimization

For advertising, you can eliminate the extra HTTP requests required by the preceding methods by using a server-side include-based ad delivery system such as 24/7 Real Media’s Open AdStream ( Here is some sample code from that can be added to a web page to include a banner ad:

<!--#include virtual="/banners/"-->

This technique uses server-side includes (SSIs) to include the banner ad directly into the page, saving an HTTP request. The inserted code looks like this:

<div id="topvisibility"><table ALIGN="CENTER">
<td align="center">
GEMS_1d/bluray2_750x100.jpg/34376565343564363437666663326530" target="_top"><IMG
GEMS_1d/bluray2_750x100.jpg" ALT="" BORDER="0"></A><img src="http://itmanagement.
34376565343564363437666663326530?_RM_EMPTY_" Width="1" Height="1" Border="0"></td>

The resultant ad displays as shown in Figure 6-3, saving an HTTP request.

blueray sample ssi house ad from

Figure 6-3. SSI inserted banner ad (750 × 100 pixels)

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