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Licensing the Web Page Analyzer

Speed Up Your Site, and Pump Up Your Profits Faster with the Web Page Analyzer from

Do you have a large web site, Intranet, or multiple web sites that you'd like to optimize for speed and improved usability? Would you like to have your own lightning-fast version of the Web Page Analyzer Tool that you can use for increasing usability, boosting profits, and slashing bandwidth costs?

Lately, the FREE version of our Web Page Analyzer Tool has been one of the Net's most popular and highly-used webmaster tools. Every day, thousands of web site managers and owners use our Web Page Analyzer to test their web sites against the latest speed and usability guidelines. This high usage can create bandwidth-robbing bottlenecks that can make it slow and frustrating if you're testing and optimizing large numbers of your web pages.

The Solution?

License The Web Page Analyzer For Your Organization!

By licensing the Web Page Analyzer Tool, you can test and optimize your organization's web site(s) or Intranet at lightning fast speeds with absolutely no waiting.

How the Web Page Analyzer Works:

The Web Page Analyzer is a web-based (and now desktop based) web page analysis tool designed to size individual web pages and calculate download times. With the simple push of a button, your Web Page Analyzer Tool is sent out to fetch your web page, and all of the objects within the web page. Next, the tool analyzes the entire web page and all its components for size and download speed at different bandwidths.

Once the check is complete, it creates a full report for you to view in HTML format with a summary explaining in detail how your web page performed. Next, it gives you specific recommendations on how to accomplish the following:

10 Reasons to License the Web Site Analyzer Tool

  1. Supports Authentication: You can use it behind firewalls or password-protected directories
  2. Analyzes (X)XHTML, XHTML, CSS (nested), JavaScript, Flash, and images
  3. Calculates the total size of each component, number of HTTP requests required, download times at different bandwidths
  4. Offers optimization advice for components above preset thresholds
  5. You can easily customize the analyzer to your needs with a simple XML configuration file.
  6. You can set Web Page size and speed guidelines and enforce them company-wide
  7. You'll get unlimited usage with no frustrating waiting and hang-ups
  8. You get the source code and can customize it for your own needs (server version)

Are you ready to start using your own lighting-fast version of the Web Page Analyzer to start increasing usability, boosting profits, and slashing bandwidth costs?

New Prices

For a limited time we are offering our licensed version of the Web Page Analyzer Desktop for a modest fee of just $495 a year. To receive the Web Site Analyzer for use on your desktop machine, simply contact us or call 734.476.6611 for a license agreement and your own copy. Our server-based version is also available, complete with source code for $995 per year.

Delivery Method & Shipping Time

Once we receive your payment, we will email you the ZIP file within one business day.


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Return Policy

This software is licensed on an as-is basis and may not be returned for a refund. The software is based on the online version available at

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