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Chapter 15: Keyword Optimization

Keyphrase List 15.5: Refined Master List Sorted by Popularity

Number of HitsKeyphrase
92,663web site design
84,390*(optimizing) animated gif(s)
39,303web page design
14,415web site development
11,208internet speed
9,990web site ranking
9,198web site search engine optimization
8,995web site optimization
8,253bandwidth speed test
7,739performance appraisal
7,351web accelerator
3,946faster downloads
2,926improve search engine ranking
2,720faster internet
1,725speed up internet
1,714fast internet
1,346fast web
1,192fast download
1,002speed boost
980advanced html
904web usability
873fast browser
858web site load testing
776compression software
711image compression
706increase web site ranking
638optimization services
583increase internet speed
574web page optimization
564optimize keyword
505meta tag optimization
488web optimization
483keyword optimization
479java script archive
466jpeg compression
441jpeg optimizer
431fast web site
414quick web page
401web site optimization services
391performance tuning
357web site performance
348web speed
337file size
320java script validation
319internet optimization
268maximum performance
263optimized meta tag
254web site usability
745lzw compression algorithm
277gif optimizer
242url optimization
214slow response
210jpeg compressor
200zip compression
196optimize web site
187jpeg compression
179performance optimization
164web server performance
160lossless compression
145lossy compression
127gif compression
126graphic(s) optimization
106professional web page optimization
99web site optimization consultant
92high speed web site
77html compression
62html compress
52optimized web site design
43compress html
39html optimization
28shrink web page size

* denotes terms and scores that were combined.

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