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Fabricworkroom.com Testimonial

About four years ago, we had a very successful home decorating business with a main focus on custom window treatments. Having a great passion for the Internet and realizing that were very few companies offering custom window treatments and other custom designer fabric products, we decided to jump in. The first year and a half were very challenging. So many decisions had to be made with technology, software and consultants. In nearly every case, we got it wrong. We outgrew our initial technology almost immediately, but had to stick with it not knowing the alternatives. We hired SEO experts, that didn’t perform as promised. We hit a crossroad where it was time to bail out or reinvest and completely retool. We knew the key to making the site great was hiring the right consultants. We have a passion for making people’s homes more beautiful and we needed to find an organization that has that same passion and skills for e-commerce success.

We talked to several companies and WebSiteOptimization.com had the most compelling story so we decided to retain their services. Since our business is all about custom work, the cart software had to be feature rich. They researched and found us the perfect shopping cart solution. They completely redesigned our site look and feel and we couldn’t be happier. We get numerous comments from clients and vendors on how beautiful and professional our site looks and performs. We have heavy graphic content on the site and we sacrificed nothing in terms of speed with their expert design skills. They were also instrumental in our key word selection to gain us better rankings.

We continue to work with WebSiteOptimization.com to help us grow our business. We are achieving rapid growth from month to month. In fact our February sales increased 266% from January and we believe we are still scratching the surface of our potential.

The hiring of WebSiteOptimization.com was clearly the most important decision we’ve made in the last four years!

Jackie Sapio
custom window treatments