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Website Speed Analysis Services from WebSiteOptimization.com

Slow web sites and poor usability are the most frequently cited complaints of web users today. In survey after survey, slow response time is the most frequent cause of user frustration. Consequently, billions of dollars each year are lost due to web performance issues.

Despite the growth in broadband, sites are steadily getting larger, more complex, and slower. Inefficient back-end systems can slow down even the highest speed connection. Try our new CMS performance analysis services.

Common Problems

Companies spend a lot of money on cutting-edge Flash presentations, multi-level menus and other creative design techniques. They finance complex CMS and database delivery systems only to find they are not up to the task. Shopping cart bailout rates rise and profits fall as slow response times frustrate users.

The Solution: Website Speed Analysis

Have the Speed Optimization experts at Web Site Optimization analyze your web site for maximum speed. We’ll show you where the performance bottlenecks are, and how to fix them. After implementing our suggestions your web pages will display faster to maximize user satisfaction and minimize bandwidth costs.

We offer both front-end (content) and back-end (server & database) speed analysis services to qualified clients. Each analysis consists of a detailed report with our findings and recommendations for higher web site performance.

  • Front-end speed analysis service – analyzes the content delivered with specific recommendations (CSS, JS, XHTML, multimedia etc.)
  • Back-end performance analysis service – analyzes the backend (server configuration, middleware, mysql, modules, etc.) for higher speed
  • CMS performance analysis services <- New!
    • Back-end CMS performance analysis
    • Hybrid CMS performance analysis (front and back-end)
    • Hybrid+ Optimization (not to exceed)

Benefits of Website Speed Analysis

  • Pinpoint problems areas in content size, composition, and delivery
  • Compare baselines against established performance norms
  • Recommend concrete solutions to improve performance (before/after code, SQL query optimization)
  • Little or no impact on your daily operations
  • Independent expert review of your existing systems
  • Shows how to increase your usability, boost profits, and slash bandwidth costs

For more details about our Web Site Speed Optimization services, contact us.