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Here you’ll find publications that our team has produced over the years.


Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine, & Conversion Rate Secrets
The definitive guide to Website Optimization. A new book from O’Reilly, Secrets integrates search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization, and web performance tuning into one complete guide. Reserve your copy now at Amazon.com. Due July 15, 2008, ISBN: 0596515081. Companion site at WebsiteOptimization.com/secrets/.
Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization
Learn why we need speed, and how to optimize popular web page components like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to give users what they want. The book also includes compression and search engine optimization chapters. Published Jan. 2003 by New Riders Publishing, ISBN: 0735713243. Companion site at WebSiteOptimization.com/speed/.
HTML & Web Publishing

Contributing author to Jim Heid’s 1997 book ISBN: 0764540033. Wrote “Pushing HTML” chapter.


Search Engine Marketing Trends: The Shift to SEO (PDF, 1,345K)
This presentation explores the trends in search engine marketing and
how budgets are shifting from traditional media to new media including the Internet. As PPC costs rise, ad budgets are shifting toward natural search engine optimization. Shows trends in ad budgets, search queries, metrics, meta tags, and the use of the weblogs to boost visibility. Talk given to the Ann Arbor IT Zone on Nov. 20, 2007 by Andrew B. King, as part of a panel discussion.
Website Optimization Introduction: Company, Services, and Case Studies (PDF, 1951K, right click)
An introduction to Website Optimization, LLC and the process of web site optimization in general. Describes the services available including website performance, search engine marketing, and usability and accessibility reviews and testing. Shows case studies of actual WSO clients and results. Talk given at an advertising firm in Detroit, Michigan in January 2007 by Andrew B. King.
Organic Search Engine Optimization: Best Practices for Maximum Rankings – SEO Presentation (PDF, 1056K, right click)
An in-depth tutorial on natural SEO with real-world examples and case studies. Gives overview of search engine traffic, optimum keyphrase length, SEO best practices, plus tips on on-site and off-site optimization. Talk given at Ann Arbor IT Zone on April 28, 2005.
Tropical Search Engine Optimization & The Future of Broadband – Presentation (PDF, 726K, right click to download)
A talk I gave to the second annual Aruba Tourism Authority eMarketing Conference on April 13, 2005 at the Wyndham Hotel in Aruba. Topics include Search Engine Optimization with specific Aruban examples and the spread of broadband in the U.S. and Europe. Sponsored by the Aruba Hotel Association, Aruba Tourism Authority and the Government of Aruba. Special thanks to Aruba.com.

Sites and Newsletters

Speed Tweak of the Week
Weekly tips on improving web site performance and usability by optimizing XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics, and other web page components. Published continuously since November 2003.
Optimization Week Magazine
Weekly news, views, and low-speed reviews from the web performance industry. Also features Speed Tweak of the Week.
The Bandwidth Report
A monthly roundup of connectivity trends in the US and elsewhere.
Founded this definitive site on JavaScript in 1999. Managing Editor from 1999 to 2001.
JavaScript.com News
Free weekly newsletter on JavaScript and DHTML-related tutorials and news from internet.com. Over 350,000 subscribers at peak, published from 1999 to 2003.
Founded this popular developer site in 1995. Managing Editor from 1995 to 2001.
WebReference Update
Free semi-weekly Web development newsletter with over 45,000
subscribers, published continuously since 1997. Numerous book reviews, interviews, and usability reviews.


CSS Layouts
Create complex table-like layouts with CSS.
HTML Optimization
Drastically reduce your page size to speed display and reduce bailout rates.
Universal Related
Popup Menus
Interdependent JavaScript-enhanced popup menus that degrade gracefully.
Evolution of a Home Page
Chronicles the development of WebReference.com’s home page over time (1995-2001).
of RSS
An in-depth tutorial and history of Rich Site Summary (RSS), used for
news syndication.
JavaScripting Netscape 6: No More Sloppy Code
Shows how to adapt your JavaScript and HTML to support Netscape 6 and the DOM.
Introduction to RSS
Gives an overview of RSS and its benefits.
Optimizing Animated

First published in Web Techniques in June 1997 (cover story), latest version online.

Optimizing Web

First published in Web Techniques in Dec. 1996, latest version online.
HTML 4 and Netscape 4: How to tame the wild Mozilla
Shows which tags and attributes comply with HTML 4.
What Makes a Great Web Site?
Outlines the essential characteristics of great Web sites.