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Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization

Don’t make me wait.

Includes two SEO chapters

That’s the message users give us in survey after survey. Even broadband users can suffer the slow-loading blues. There’s got to be a better way. There is: Web Site Optimization (WSO). Note that this book is now out of print. However, a new book titled Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine, & Conversion Rate Secrets is due out in July 2008 from O’Reilly Media. Reserve your copy now.


  • Czech (ISBN: 8086815021)
  • French (ISBN: 2744015733)
  • Korean (ISBN: 8931548435)
  • Polish (ISBN: 8373611347)
  • Spanish (ISBN: 8441515794)


Speed Up Your Site is out of print, but available used at Amazon in the USA and the UK.

Announcing Speed Tweak of the Week

Speed Tweak of the Week features free speed optimization tips that you can use to speed up your site. Web speed is what your users want, speed tweak and this book will help you give it to them.

Website Optimization = Web Speed

Web site optimization is the art of transforming your content into a smaller, more streamlined form. This book shows you how to cut your content and bandwidth usage in half, while still maintaining the look you want. Your users will be happier, and you’ll save money in the process. It’s a win-win situation. This site also available at: SpeedUpYourSite.com.

Content Highlights

Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization

by Andrew B. ing
New Riders, $39.99
ISBN: 0735713243
Pages: 528
Due: Jan. 17, 2003

With Speed Up Your Site, you will learn how to:

  • Speed site load time to satisfy customers
  • Engage users with fast response times and flow stimulus
  • Understand how download delays affect user psychology
  • Minimize HTML file size and complexity to maximize page display speed
  • Master CSS conversion and shorthand
  • Shrink and speed up your JavaScript
  • Reduce graphic and multimedia drag
  • Optimize Flash and PDF files
  • Save up to 60% off your bandwidth bills with HTTP compression
  • Perform search engine optimization

Quick – Give me a blurb!

Speed Up Your Site is a new book on WSO from New Riders Publishing. The product of years of research, Speedshows readers why fast response times are so important and how to make your site literally pop onto the screen. Your users will thank you with lower bail-out rates, and your boss will thank you for the lower bandwidth bills.

The book shows you how to speed up your site from primarily a client-side perspective. You’ll learn how to optimize practically everything that goes into creating a web page, including (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics, multimedia, and keywords. The book also covers the psychology of performance (response times and flow) plus advanced server-based techniques and compression. The book includes real-world case studies and features two interviews with top HCI experts, Dr. Benjamin Shneiderman and Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author of Flow.

So what are you waiting for?

Praise for Speed

“This is probably the best computer book I have ever bought.” – Amazon UK review

“…an essential reference book for all Web design and development teams…. team members may hide it, or even fight over it.” – Eddie VanArsdall for Northeast Book Reviews.

“Best practical web performance optimization guide available.” – Michael Czeiszperger of WebPerformanceInc.com.

“The book is a delight to read.” – Ken Schiff, GUIguy.com.

“The best resource for optimization, hands down, is Andrew King’s Speed up Your Site.” – Meryl Evans for Informit’s Web Design Guide. Meryl also chose Speed as her favorite non-fiction book of 2003.

“Highly recommended” – Vincent Flanders

“King has created an indispensable reference volume that should be assigned reading in the classroom and studio.” – Jennifer Alvin for Digital Web Magazine.

“The best technical book I have read so far.” – Gerald Steffens

“If you want to make the webpages you create load faster, run, don’t walk, to get Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization.” – John Wetherbie

“King is a canny peasant housewife getting her money’s worth at the digital fishmongers and a technical cyber-wizard all rolled into one…. The crisp writing is a pleasure to read.” – Bonnie Nardi

“Andy King’s ‘Speed Up Your Site’ absolutely knocked my socks off. There are a squillion web design books out there, but this one belongs on the bookshelf of every serious web designer.” – Patrick Crispen

“The best book I have read on building or redesigning a web site. King has written a masterpiece.” – Fredrick Marckini

“This book should be mandatory reading for all web designers and Internet executives.” – Jakob Nielsen

“In a world where time is money, speed is king. Andy King combines an impressive blend of scholarly research with practical tips to create the definitive guide to web site optimization. Buy it, read it, use it. Fast!” – Peter Morville.

“At last, a user experience book written from a technical perspective.” – Lou Rosenfeld