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About Website Optimization, LLC

Website Optimization, LLC is a web performance and Internet marketing firm dedicated to increasing your bottom line through the optimization of existing web sites.

Founded in 2002 by Andrew King, Website Optimization, LLC is a privately held consulting firm specializing in Website Performance, Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Andy King is also the author of the popular book titled Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization

About Andy King

Mr. King holds a BSME and MSME from the University of Michigan specializing in design optimization of structures. He was recruited by NASA after graduation, but chose instead to join the fast-paced world of engineering consultant.

Since 1993, Mr. King has worked full time as a web professional applying and teaching web optimization and creation techniques. He is the founder and former Managing Editor of WebReference.com and JavaScript.com, two award-winning developer sites acquired by Mecklermedia (now Jupitermedia).

Who We Are: Experienced Web Professionals

WSO employs experts in most aspects of web site optimization, including front-end speed optimization using the latest web standards and techniques, back-end optimization using server tuning, SQL query optimization, refactoring, and middleware tuning, search engine marketing, web design, and optimized marketing campaigns. Our company offers web site analysis and optimization services to select clients.

Higher traffic and speed guaranteed

Speed is what your users want. More traffic is what you want. Our book and our services will help you optimize your web site for maximum results.

Dependable? Absolutely

Don’t take our word on it, read some client testimonials and see some case studies.

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Website Optimization, LLC (Web Site Optimization, LLC DBA Website Optimization)
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