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Case Studies for Web Site Optimization, LLC

Below you’ll find some case studies from satisfied clients.

Avoid Mass Web Hosting
We investigate moving an example site from a slow mass host to a lightly loaded host and measure the results. Server response times were reduced by 82.1% and variability by about 7 fold.
Case Study: PhiladelphiaOrthodontists.com Mobile Responsive Redesign
What happens when you convert a site to be mobile responsive? Mobile traffic increased by 24% and mobile browsers stayed 80% longer after a responsive redesign.
Case Study: PhillyDensitry.com Responsive Redesign
Upgrading to a responsive design has many benefits, including speed. A new design for PhillyDentistry.com tested about twice as fast.
Case Study: Responsive Design of PhillyDentistry.com Results
A new responsive design improved key metrics for both desktop and mobile visitors. Engagement metrics improved and lead generation increased by nearly 15%.
Case Study: Walkerworldtrade.com Server Upgrade
Moving to a faster server can cut page load times by more than half, and improve behavior metrics like conversion and exit rates. We use Google Analytics to test Walkerworldtrade.com before and after a server upgrade.
Case Study: WordPress Theme Optimization
This article tests the benefits of optimized WordPress themes and hosting. Switching to a fast WordPress theme and optimizing hosting improved page load time by 74% and start render by 83.4%.
Form Conversion Rate Optimization
Learn how a combination of form optimization and speed improved conversion rates by more than 92%,
Optimizing a Complex Site for Pagespeed
No matter how complex the website, it can be speed optimized. In this article we show how to boost the Pagespeed scores of mymanhattancosmeticdentist.com with mod_pagespeed, some manual tweaks, and the WPOptimize Speed Plugin.
Optimizing a Complex Site for Pagespeed II
In Part II of our series on speed optimizing a complex site we explore caching plugins. Adding page caching to a WordPress site nearly halved load times, and more than halved start render and TTFB times.
Dr. Ken Cirka, a cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, went from 1 new client a month, to over 150 new clients a month after two redesigns and natural SEO and PPC advertising.
Smile Texas, a dental firm in Houston Texas, came to us with an ineffective Flash site. After two redesigns, a dynamic smile gallery, Web 2.0 features,
and natural and paid promotion, the site has achieved a return on investment as high as 28 to 1.
Upgrade to a Faster Server
Upgrading to a faster server can improve web page speed significantly, up to 66% faster for first paint time and 29% for load times. We moved an example site to a faster server to test the performance improvements.
Upgrade to a Faster Server: Results
We further explore the results of upgrading to a faster server. Overall the site showed improved response speed and website “stickiness.” Average page load times improved by 48% to 60% server response times improved by more than 60%, and people stayed longer, viewed more pages, and bounced less.
Use a Website Accelerator
Automated website acceleration products can speed up your site without developer intervention. We test the effectiveness of Radware’s Fastview appliance on a test site and find significant improvements in speed.