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SEO Case Study: PhillyDentistry.com Chapter 2

In this chapter we’ll show you how to put into action the optimization techniques that you learned in Chapter 1, “Natural Search Engine Optimization,” and the conversion techniques you’ll learn in Chapter 5, “Conversion Rate Optimization.” To do so, we feature a case study that shows the benefits of natural search engine optimization (SEO). This chapter is available in its entirety at SEO Case Study: PhillyDentistry.com.


This case study shows how search-friendly design, CRO, and steady promotion to build inbound links can boost your visibility and significantly increase the number of new customers to your business. When we started this campaign, Dr. Cirka attracted most of his new clients from traditional offline advertising. After two website redesigns and monthly promotion, Dr. Cirka’s practice is thriving due in large part to his website. This case study also shows the value of redesigning your site every few years. As your business changes with new products and services, upgrading your site will keep it current for your increasingly demanding users. An outline of the chapter follows:

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