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Master Web Site Planning with Expert Information Architecture for Optimal Results

Strategic Web Site Plan and eCommerce Website Development Services

Most Common User
Experience Problems

Poorly organized search results 53%
Poor information architecture 32%
Slow performance 32%
Cluttered home pages 27%
Confusing labels 25%
Invasive registration 15%
Inconsistent navigation 13%
Source: Vividence Research

The size and complexity of websites is increasing rapidly. Database-driven, CMS-powered, ecommerce backends are now common on larger commercial websites. Yet few companies take the time to create a comprehensive strategy to ensure success. In fact, over half of the IT projects deployed in the US are abandoned or underutilized (Landauer 1995). Not surprisingly, poor information architecture and slow website performance are the most common complaints of web users today (Vividence Research and Speed Up Your Site).

Savvy online businesses integrate strategic site planning and information architecture right up front into the website development process. By avoiding usability and “findability” problems from the start, you can avoid costly redesigns later on.

Common Problems

Unfortunately, many larger sites on the web today are poorly planned. Poorly architected retailing sites are underselling by as much as 50% and driving away up to 40% of repeat traffic (Forrester Research, “Why Most Web Sites Fail”). Over 50% of online shopping carts are abandoned, their goods and services rotting in the web’s virtual aisles (King 2003). In fact, most ecommerce sites waste between $1.5 to $2 million a year on costly redesigns (Forrester Research). Clearly, there’s got to be a better way.

The Solution: Master Web Site Plan

Larger sites need a more comprehensive approach than a quick redesign for the best results. Let our expert information architects create a comprehensive web site plan to ensure the success of your business. We’ll confer with you to find the best approach, detail your site’s strategy, information architecture, and ultimately create a graphical site diagram and wireframes (if needed) detailing how your site functions in an easy to use format.

Benefits of our Site Planning Service

Site Diagram
Includes the main sections of the site plus primary and secondary navigation, including individual product sub-categories.
Optimal Paths
Make the site as intuitive as possible to maximize sell-through and conversion rates. Minimize the number of steps to checkout for shopping carts to maximize usability and minimize bailout rates.
Wireframes are a graphical “skeleton” outline of web pages showing the functionality of how and what the database-driven Content Management System (CMS) controls.
CMS functions, input screens, uploading images, text field specifications, and product positioning.
Content Management System (CMS)
A CMS is a set of web-based tools that lets you create and maintain your website’s content without knowing about programming, design, or HTML.


You’ll receive detailed sitemaps including primary and secondary navigation all the way down to product or service database query pages. You can take this site plan to your development team, or hire a firm like ours at reasonable rates to make your website plan a reality.

For more details about our Strategic Web Site Plan & Information Architecture services, call at 877.SITEOPT (877.748.3678) or contact us.