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Goren, Goren, & Harris Testimonial

Recommendation of Andy King and www.WebSiteOptimization.com.

Our law firm, Goren, Goren & Harris, P.C., was hindered by the general load speed of our web site. Most of our clients cannot afford high speed Internet service and visit www.GorenLaw.com while using cumbersome dial-up connections. Our goal was to simplify the design of our site for the sake of faster load times without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality.

We were led to Andy King and www.WebSiteOptimization.com when we purchased his book: Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization. Mr. King did a remarkable job of optimizing our web site’s code. Load times have decreased dramatically (it loads 43% faster!) and the site has become cleaner and more visually attractive. Image files were optimized for greater clarity and minimal size, and redundant code was eliminated. Our expectations were far exceeded and we are extremely proud of how our web site has been transformed.

What is remarkable about Mr. King is that he is truly competent at explaining his work, even to those with relatively little web experience. Throughout our relationship, we always felt completely included in the decision making. Additionally, he had several good ideas for our web site that were unrelated to optimization, simply because he has such a vast amount of experience in this field. Mr. King was able to add minor yet important finishing touches to our site which stem from his attention to detail.

Mr. King stayed dedicated to the project until it was completely finished. Goren, Goren & Harris, P.C. would gladly recommend Andy King and www.WebSiteOptimization.com to anyone who relies on their web site as a business tool.

Brett D. Altman

Goren, Goren & Harris, P.C.