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Iceland Gives Internet Warm Reception – US Broadband Penetration Now at 38.9% – September 2003 Bandwidth Report

Overall, broadband grew by 1.09 percentage points in August, with 38.9% of US home users enjoying a high-speed connection. 61.1% of US home users dial into the Internet with “narrowband” connections of 56Kbps or less.* Korea leads all countries in broadband adoption per 100 inhabitants, while Iceland leads in Internet subscribers per 100 inhabitants.

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Korean Broadband Penetration Breaks 70% – US Broadband Growth Lags – June 2003 Bandwidth Report

This month in the Bandwidth Report we compare Korea’s record broadband growth to the US. Subsidized by the Korean government, broadband is spreading at a rapid pace in Korea, with over 70% of wired users now on their high-speed network. In the US, broadband grew by 0.42 percentage points in May, with 35.9% of wired US users enjoying a high-speed connection.

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