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Fortune RealDVD Story Cites Bandwidth Report

CNNMoney.com’s Fortune cited our ongoing coverage of the changes in streaming media player share in a story today on CNN Money. “The one-time prince of digital media needs a hit product. Its new DVD copying software doesn’t look like the ticket.”

In the story, Devin Leonard reports how RealNetworks’ RealDVD software, that allows copying of DVDs, has infuriated top Hollywood studios. The company is now back in the limelight, but has lost its dominant position in the streaming media player market. In fact, Real was once the top streaming media player, according to data from Nielsen//NetRatings. As of April 2002 RealNetworks’s RealMedia Player had a 16.23% share compared to Windows Media 14.41% share, followed by Apple’s QuickTime at 7.49%. iTunes wasn’t around back in 2002.

The story goes on to report about how RealDVD could be equaled by Apple and others and the controversy it has caused. The story concludes with a cite from the Bandwidth Report.

“Meanwhile, RealPlayer has lost ground in streaming media, too. As of December 2007, it had fallen into third place with 27 million users, less than it had in 2003 and well behind Microsoft (76 million users) and Apple (48 million users) according to WebSiteOptimization’s study of Neilsen NetRatings data.”

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