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Ariadne Reviews Nighthawk Book

Peter Cliff used to think that ‘Website Optimisation’ simply meant improving speed, but in this book he finds out there is much more there to it, even in the age of broadband.

“To conclude, I agree with the author that the starting point is to scan the book, but then most definitely read it. It quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot of content that is going to require a lot of attention and time to absorb and then act on. The times I found the book most useful were when used as a guide book, a list of places to visit on my trip to a better Web site, with that Web site right in front of me on my PC. Of course, a certain amount of technical knowledge is required to use this book – I would not advise my sister to read it to help her get her head around AdWords for her business Web site – but if you think have a ‘general understanding’, are willing to be proved wrong and want to know more, you could do a lot worse than Website Optimization.”

For the full review, see:

Website Optimization: Speed, Search Engine and Conversion Secrets

, Ariadne Magazine No. 57, Oct. 2008.