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Eric Brown Reviews Website Optimization Book

We received a great review from Eric Brown, an independent IT consultant with an impressive track record, on our new book Website Optimization Secrets.

After seeing his prominent book reviews on Google, we approached Eric with a pitch for our new book. He was kind enough to accept and wrote a great review. Thanks Eric! (the check is in the mail 😉

“The book is excellent…and from what I’ve seen, it is THE book on Website Optimization. Gone are the days of scouring the web for bits and pieces of info on how to optimize….this book contains it all.

Unlike most other books in this genre, this book is much more than just an overview of the concepts of website optimization. Detailed descriptions, case studies and in-depth discussions of the ‘why, what and how’ of optimization are provided to allow the reader to immediately take action with their own websites.” For the full review see:

Website Optimization – Book Review