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Italian Book Review of Website Optimization Secrets

Paulo De Nictolis has reviewed the Nighthawk book for the main Italian IT portal Programmazione.it. In this in-depth review, Paulo concludes that the “text is full of practical advice, and [it has an] excellent companion site.”

“Every now and we need to think revenue. This text is the pair with the extraordinary High Performance Web Sites, adding to technical matters relating to benefits related to visibility in search engines, pay-per-click campaigns, and metrics. The text is neatly divided into two parts. The author recommends the first part to managers for those SEM techniques, in my opinion you can also reverse the recipients, or web developers would be advised to read the first part on the issues of marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the manager could read the second part, about web performance. The final chapter on optimization metrics is considered the trait d’union between the two souls of the book.”

The above paragraph is a rough translation of the Italian opening paragraph reproduced below:

“Ogni tanto bisogna pensare anche alle revenue. Questo testo fa il paio con lo straordinario High Performance Web Sites, aggiungendo agli argomenti tecnici relativi alle prestazioni quelli legati alla visibilita nei motori di ricerca, alle campagne pay-per-click, alle metriche. Il testo e ordinatamente diviso in due parti, che l’autore destina, l’una alle figure manageriale l’altra a quelle tecniche; a mio parere e possibile anche invertire i destinatari, ovvero consigliare agli sviluppatori web la lettura della prima parte sugli argomenti di marketing e SEO (Search Engine Optimization), ed ai manager quella della seconda parte, sull’ottimizzazione delle prestazioni. Il capitolo finale sulle metriche di ottimizzazione e da considerare il trait d’union fra le due anime del libro.”

For the full review and a place to translate the text see:

Website Optimization Review (Italian). You can translate this page at Google into an English version.