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Must-Read Website Optimization Books

Web analyst Rich Page has included our book in a top five list of new website optimization books.

The term website optimization covers a lot of ground, but Page’s focus is on web site analytics. Landing Page Optimization by Tim Ash tops the list, and from the reviews I’ve read, it looks like a great book. Talking to clients, we find that landing page optimization through conversion rate optimization is underutilized while driving more traffic through search engine optimization is the most common request. In fact, according to a recent survey by Backbone IT Group only 11% of companies surveyed use some form of conversion rate optimization while 75% use SEO.

The next book on Page’s list is Actionable Web Analytics, by Jason Burby and Shane Atchison of Zaaz fame. I’ve read this book and it is indeed a goldmine of useful information. The authors impart their wisdom gleaned from real-world (or as real-world as the Web gets) experience working for a variety of clients. Our book and two others are listed as well. Thanks for the plug Rich. For the full article, see:

Must-Read (New) Books To Help Improve Your Website