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An In-Depth Review of Website Optimization Secrets

After searching the Internet for prominent book reviewers, we discovered Cindy King’s site. King, no relation to Andy King, had a number of related book reviews on her site. However, her policy was to publish only unsolicited reviews. What is a new book author to do?

I thought the indirect approach would be the best one. I wrote something to the effect of “I see that you review books. You say they are unsolicited reviews,
then how do I go about telling you about my new book? :)” She responded that I got her attention immediately, asked a few questions, and requested the book. Cindy King gives perhaps the most in-depth review of my book to date, summarizing the different sections and even individual chapters.

“Anyone who takes website optimization seriously, and is committed to improving online results, should read Andy King’s Website Optimization.

It is not a lazy afternoon read. It delivers a bit more than thought provoking entertainment. You can, however, easily read this book section by section in the order they interest you.

This book has brought my own website optimization skills up several notches.

It is extremely useful. And it provides a depth of information I have not found in any other book.”

For the full review see:

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