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Version History: Web Page Analyzer

Praise for WPA

“Incredibly useful” – Zeldman

“The revamped tool is looking good” – Langa

Reverted back to 0.98, beta 2 finalizing

  1. Version 1.0 beta had some speed issues ironically, due to high demand
  2. New parallel beta 2 version has much improved speed
  3. Stay tuned for updates

1.0 beta – April 9, 2013 – Launched Kune 10, 2013

Beta 1.00

  1. The Web Page Analyzer now provides individual (measured) download times for each web referenced web resource, including
    • Total time
    • DNS time
    • Pre Transfer time
    • Start Transfer time
    • Connect time
  2. Earliest start of render analysis
  3. Redirection count for each file referenced
  4. Analysis of rendered image size and actual image size
  5. Waterfall chart showing actual download times and relationships
  6. Pie chart of resources sizes
  7. “Progress Bar” depicting analysis status
  8. Updated threshholds

0.98 – September 29, 2008

Major update of the Web Page Analyzer, including:

  • Updated thresholds for recommendations (Congratulations, Caution, Warning)
  • HTMLTidy and CSSTidy functionality
    • Missing width/height on images flagged
    • Formatted CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files
    • Header size calculated
  • Performance improvements
    • Human verification through a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test) form check (not currently enabled) to check for human users – uses GD graphics library
    • Throttle – limits number of sessions in a given time period, overall and IP (not currently enabled)
    • New server – dual processor Xeon, solid-state disc drive RAID server – preliminary tests twice as fast
  • Improved HTTP compression detection for CSS and JavaScript files by removing the dependence on HTTP headers for calculations (CURL files analyzed instead)
    • File size savings if compressed now output

0.964 – March 31, 2007

Enabled IP filtering by request.

0.963 – February 8, 2007

  • Added download times for each object type (includes lag times for number of objects per type)
  • Fixed bug with no lag time added to total page download time

0.962 – December 2006

Internal version for testing purposes.

0.961 – August 10, 2005

Bug fix to prevent blank output pages on some sites.

0.96 – August 1, 2005

New batch-enabled version (for licensed version) allows batch analysis of multiple pages. Uses:

  • Text file of URLS
  • Save results in MySQL database
  • GUI interface for reviewing results

0.95 – June 22, 2005

Updated script to be compatible with PHP 5.x.

0.945 – April 7, 2005

Minor fix to limit the number redirections for requesting missing files.

0.944 – March 28, 2005

  • Back to config-located script
  • Fixed problem with authenticated directories for multiple (X)HTML pages

0.943 – March 22, 2005

Self-locating script nixed, uses absolute URL to locate script for (i)Frame analysis. Internal version.

0.942 – March 18, 2005

  • Fixed HTTP 405 errors to properly handle missing iFrames.
  • Note: turn off ad-blocking software to see URLs of any advertising

0.941 – March 10, 2005

Minor fix to allow self-locating script in configuration file.

0.940 – March 8, 2005

  • Non-nested iFrame and Frame support
  • CSS images grouped separately from HTML images
  • Faster response time – used HTTP header content length when available
  • XML interface capability
  • Better authentication (licensed version)
  • Raised CSS and JavaScript size limits by popular demand

0.938 – January 10, 2005

  • Added textarea input of HTML or URL
  • Optional base href tag
  • One curl handle per session (turned off)
  • Detect 404 file not found files
  • Added maxpagesize parameter

0.937 – December 21, 2004

Internal command-line cURL version, to test memory management

0.936 – December 7, 2004

Color coded results (Congrats = Green, Caution = Yellow, Warning = Red)

0.935 – November 24, 2004

Excess logging eliminated.

0.934 – November 3, 2004

Fixed object size calculation problem with CSS and Multimedia objects.

0.932 – October 7, 2004

Minor fix for authentication to prohibit potential PHP warnings

0.931 – October 3, 2004

Disallow “file:” in URL for safety.

0.93 – August 15, 2004

  • Fixed rel=”alternate stylesheet” issue
  • Fixed favicon issue

0.923 – August 13, 2004

  • Fixed pages where a base tag is used
  • Recognizes JavaScript files with no file extension
  • Works with upper- and mixed-case CSS files

0.922 – August 11, 2004

Added the following user-suggested features including:

  • Rewrite of CSS file detection code
  • Multiple @imports of CSS files now works
  • @import “url.css”; now works (no “url(url.css)”)
  • Background images counted more accurately in CSS
  • Ignores commented image code
  • Trims leading spaces in URLs
  • Line feeds in image code ignored

0.92 – July 19, 2004

Fixed some bugs, including:

  • Alternate style sheets now flagged and not counted towards total page size
  • Nested CSS and @import bugs fixed (double counting style @import and @import in external CSS)
  • Fixed relative URLs showing bad path in output page (missing /)
  • Fixed double slash at end of bare domain (i.e., domain.com -> http://www.domain.com//)
  • Trailing spaces in filenames now accounted for
  • Phantom files eliminated

0.911 – July 7, 2004

Added error handling/reporting, eliminated JavaScript.

0.91 – July 3, 2004

Fixed @import in external CSS files (not entirely, see version 0.912).

0.90 – June 20, 2004

The new PHP/CURL version is a complete rewrite featuring many of the features that you asked for, including:

  • Improved compression support (CSS, JS, etc.)
  • Improved CSS background image detection
  • Flash detection (embedded)
  • Improved performance and accuracy
  • Improved JavaScript and JavaScript image analysis
  • Partial iframe support
  • Alternate CSS support
  • Ability to analyze SSL sites
  • New PHP/cURL version is faster and more robust than Perl/LWP
  • Bug fixes

If you find a bug, or have a feature request, let us know.

0.82 – September 21, 2003

HTTP compression detection bug fixed and sizing refined. Compression detection still needs tweaking for some sites.

0.81 – September 15, 2003

We’ve fixed a couple bugs in this release, namely HTTP compression detection and table background images now work properly. Compressed HTML file sizes are now calculated accurately for content encoded sites, and table/tr/td background images are now detected and sized properly. Compression detection has also been beefed up. Thanks for your suggestions, let us know if you have any other suggestions or bug reports.

  • HTTP compression detection fixed
  • Background images in tables/tr/td now detected and sized properly

0.80 – August 29, 2003

The new and improved Web Page Analyzer is back! Due to a server snafu the old script was offline for a while, but we’re back on a new, more reliable server with new features, including:

  • Style sheets now handled properly
    • @import (both ways)
    • alternate style sheets
  • Background images now sized properly in body and css (see 0.81 for bug fix)
  • HTTP Compression now detected (vary), compressed HTML file size shown (see 0.81 bug fix)
  • Link tag now handled properly
  • Improved accuracy for object/page size and download times
    • Object Lag Time factor added (.2 seconds of latency per object)
    • Packet/noise loss factor added for 56Kbps and slower (70%)
    • Number of objects, size, and HTTP connections fixed

March 31, 2003

Second version of Web Page Analyzer. Included server connections, linked stylesheets, Netscape 4 sniffing for XSSI, allowed variables for conditional configuration file messages.

January 14, 2003

First version of Web Page Analyzer.

If you find a bug, or have any suggestions for future updates please contact us.

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