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Search Engine Analysis Shows How to Boost Visibility with Best Practices SEO Game Plan

Search Engine Optimization Analysis Service By WebSiteOptimization.com

Did you know that Google accounts for over 46% of all search engine queries on-site? Add up all the engines using Google’s search results and Google has over 3 times the search engine queries than Yahoo! (Source: Nielsen//NetRatings) Do you have an SEO plan to raise your website visibility on Google?

Our Search Engine Optimization Analysis service gives you a best-practices game plan showing how to achieve top search engine placement with proven techniques. Companies that follow our plan have achieved higher visibility at lower cost than conventional methods.

Common Problems

Unfortunately, most companies don’t have an overall marketing plan designed to maximize their return on investment. They’ve been burned before by fly-by-night operators using pushy “boiler-room” techniques designed to raise turnover, not your site’s search engine rankings. As a result, many companies try to go it alone, taking valuable time away from other developer tasks.

The Solution: Search Engine Analysis

Have the Search Engine Optimisation experts at Web Site Optimization analyze your web site and Search Engine Optimization campaign and assist you with transforming your web site into a “hands-free” lead and sales generation system for your company.

Your new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign will provide you with a long term plan to increase targeted traffic and qualified visitors to your Web Site.

Benefits of our Search Engine Analysis Service

SEO Game Plan
We will give you a detailed plan on how to achieve higher rankings, including linking strategies, content recommendations, site structure, PageRank gap analysis, and design ideas.
Keyword analysis and research
We will provide you with a list of the most relevant keywords to target for your SEO and PPCSE campaigns that offer the most opportunity for targeted traffic.
Site analysis
We will analyze your web site to determine if you are using the proper keyword selection, frequency, proximity, and prominence.
Specific code recommendations
We will provide specific recommendations for your title, meta keywords and description, header, anchor, and alternative text elements for higher search engine visibility.
Baseline positioning
We will determine your “baseline positioning” to show where you currently rank for each keyphrase in the major search engines and internet directories.
Competitive analysis
We will then analyze your competition for specific keyphrases to show PageRank gaps and how to close them to meet or exceed your competition’s rankings.
Linking strategies
We will identify specific URLs where you can get quality inbound links to your site to build your link popularity and Google PageRank (PR).

Note that a Search Engine Analysis is required before any Search Engine Optimization occurs, in order to determine if your site qualifies for our service.

For more details about our search engine optimization analysis services, call at 877.SITEOPT (877.748.3678) or contact us.