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Expert Pay Per Click Analysis Gives You the Top Strategies for Maximizing Targeted Traffic From Your Advertising Budget

The PPC Analysis Service from WebSiteOptimization.com

Our PPC Analysis service is designed for businesses with larger PPC campaigns who want an independent third party to review their ad campaigns and suggest strategies for maximizing “Click-Thru Rates” (CTR) and traffic for a higher return on investment for their advertising budget.

Common Problems

Unfortunately, most people fail in their first attempt to run a successful PPC campaign. They lump all their keywords into one or just a few ad groups, write some quick ad copy, and soon after they start their campaign, their ads get disapproved, or their keywords get disabled. Or even worse, they end up quickly blowing through too much money by paying $2 or $4 or even more per click!

The Solution: PPC Analysis

If you want to generate more qualified visitors, leads and sales without wasting your money on overpriced keywords, have the Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising experts at Web Site Optimization analyze your current PPCSE campaigns. We’ll pinpoint problem areas and recommend proven solutions based on best practices. We’ll offer specific recommendations to boost your “Click-Thru Rate” (CTR) and expand your reach for more targeted traffic.

Benefits of PPC Analysis

Web Site Optimization will show you how to you set up and maintain a more profitable pay per click strategy giving you more qualified visitors (and sales) with a higher return on investment for your advertising budget.

We will assist you with:

  • Increasing your click-thru rates by setting-up laser-focused Ad Groups, keywords and ad copy
  • Increasing your qualified visitors by researching, expanding, and refining your current keyword phrases
  • Increasing your leads, opt-ins, and sales by creating new ads that are more captivating and attractive to your target market
  • Optimizing your PPCSE accounts to get maximum qualified visitors for minimum advertising budget

For more details about pay-per-click search engine advertising, call at 877.SITEOPT (877.748.3678) or contact us.