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Pay Per Click Optimization Gives You Top Search Engine Placement and Targeted Traffic For Your Advertising Budget

The PPC Optimization Service By WebSiteOptimization.com

According to a recent AD:TECH study of the largest Internet advertisers, PPC search engine advertising and house-list email campaigns are the most effective advertising techniques available. No wonder. Unlike old-style banner ads, PPC advertising allows companies to precisely target potential customers searching for products and services like yours.

Common Problems

Unfortunately, as more of your competitors enter the fray, PPC advertising has become more competitive, with bidding wars, sophisticated bidding and tracking software, and ad budgets skyrocketing. Harried in-house marketers lump thousands of keyphrases under one ad group, missing opportunities and leaving clicks “on the table.” They’re missing out on the extra traffic and profits they could be realizing due to a lack of time and experience needed to properly optimize their campaigns.

The Solution: Pay Per Click Optimization

Have the Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising experts at Web Site Optimization optimize your PPCSE accounts to maximize the ROI of your advertising campaigns. Your PPCSE campaigns will realize improved clickthrough rates and expanded reach from killer sales copy and keyphrase optimization for fast results within days.

Benefits of our Pay-Per-Click Optimization Service

  • We will optimize your account to get maximum targeted traffic for minimum budget.
  • We will break up overly broad ad groups
  • We will “peel and stick” poorly performing ad groups to boost CTR
  • We will add keyword variants such as misspellings, singular/plural, and broad & precision match to expand your targeted reach
  • We will create compelling and persuasive headlines, descriptions, and URLs that attract targeted traffic
  • We will maintain your program for an excellent return on investment.

For more details about our pay-per-click optimization service, call at 877.SITEOPT (877.748.3678) or contact us.