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Healthcare.gov Website Performance Revisited – website speed audit and optimization of healthcare.gov with radware fastview

Previously we reviewed the healthcare.gov website for speed, and found it lacking. The old site was notoriously slow and spawned many “wait” error messages for users looking for health care. Just in time, President Obama made a pledge that the site would be fixed (with a new performance czar) by the end of November. To test his promise, we reviewed the site shortly after that deadline, in early December (see Figure 1). This report shows the results of this study. To see how much the site could be improved further, we had our friends over at Radware test the site with their automatic optimization software called Fastview, which we reviewed in a previous article.

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Use a Website Accelerator – testing automated web performance optimizer radware fastview

There are a number of automated ways to speed up your website. Web developers can deploy both software and hardware solutions to speed up their website automatically. By embedding best practices into code, vendors can speed up websites without the need to involve developer resources. This article evaluates Radware’s Fastview web acceleration hardware. Some other solutions are listed below.

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