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Offload Resource Intensive Scripts to Improve Server Performance

In a previous speed tweak we showed how upgrading our web server to a solid state drive and faster processors improved response times by 35% to 50%. With the Web Page Analyzer on the same server, the average response time was 11.87 seconds with typical response times after ramp-up ranging from 23 to 36 seconds. While this was an improvement over the old server, there were still response time and availability issues caused by hosting the analyzer script on the same server. This article shows how offloading a resource intensive script can dramatically improve your server response times.

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Solid-State Drive Web Server Test – upgrade server speed with benchmarking tools

This article shows how response times improved after upgrading to a new dedicated web server with solid-state drives and faster processors. With the increased load due to our free Web Page Analyzer, we realized that a different server configuration may be necessary. We first benchmarked our current server to establish a baseline. Then we tested a faster server to see the improvement in response times. After the upgrade, the web server tested 35% faster. In a future article, we’ll look at moving the resource hungry analyzer tool to a separate server to improve performance for the WebsiteOptimization.com website.

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