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US and Canada Drop in Broadband Penetration Worldwide – January 2012 Bandwidth Report

Since our last broadband survey in July the US and Canada have both dropped one position in broadband penetration worldwide. According to a recent Point Topic survey, the US dropped from 22nd place to 23rd place (from Q1 2011 to Q3 2011). Canada also dropped one position to 19th place since our last survey.

US Drops to 23rd in Broadband Penetration Worldwide

The United States dropped to 23rd position worldwide in broadband penetration, down from 22nd position since our last worldwide broadband survey. Liechtenstein led the way with 63.2% of its population on broadband. Luxembourg followed a distant second at 53.6% of its population on broadband, followed by Malta at 46.4%, Monaco at 46.4%, and Denmark at 41.8% penetration by population (see Figure 1). The United Kingdom came in 17th overall at 34.3% (unchanged from our last survey), Canada dropped one position behind Germany to 19th at 33.7% of the population on broadband. The US came in 23rd with 30.4% of its population on broadband, according a Point Topic Q3 2011 survey.

Top 25 Broadband Countries by Population

Figure 1: Top 25 Countries by Broadband Subscribers per 100 Inhabitants
Source: Point Topic

US Drops to 28th Place in Broadband Penetration by Household

The US also dropped one position from 27th place in Q1 2011 to 28th place in Q3 2011, according to Point Topic (see Figure 2). Qatar led all countries surveyed at 145% of households on broadband (multiple people subscribed to broadband within the same household), followed by Liechtenstein at 137.5%, Malta at 135.8%, Luxembourg at 133.9% and Singapore at 121.5%. The US came in 28th at 79.1% of households on broadband.

Top 30 Broadband Countries by Household Penetration

Figure 2: Top 30 Countries by Broadband Households
Source: Point Topic

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The Point Topic broadband database is the source of these statistics, used by permission.