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Digital Web Magazine Reviews Nighthawk Book

The latest review of Website Optimization is from Digital Web Magazine. Andrew Stevens says the book will help your site make more of an impact on the overall effectiveness of your web presence.

Stevens correctly points out that while our first book Speed Up Your Site, was primarily about speed and efficiency, our second book is about improving the overall effectiveness of your web site. In this thorough review, Stevens observes that the meaning of the word “optimization” when applied to the Web has morphed from pure speed and efficiency to a broader meaning encompassing search engine marketing, conversion rate optimization, and website performance.

“This time around, King isn’t referring to “optimization” strictly in the speed and efficiency sense of the word – instead, in this book King focuses more on how to optimize the overall effectiveness of your web presence…

The book will also prove useful to those wishing to learn a little about aspects of site optimization that is outside of their domain of expertise. For example, a reader whose background is mostly centered on marketing might very well be interested in the technological site enhancements that can positively impact marketing goals; and the same could be said for technologists interested in how their skills can best be used to improve a site’s business objectives. The book’s case studies will be especially useful for these readers, since they show how each of the aspects of web site optimization tie together.

Website Optimization will prove useful to anyone interested in increasing the visibility, responsiveness, and profitability of their website. King provides a solid overview of tips and strategies that are focused on improving a site’s performance, as well as the tools and techniques used to implement these strategies and measure the positive impact that they will have on your site.”

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