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Slashdot Reviews Website Optimization Secrets

Slashdot has reviewed our Website Optimization book. Written by web developer Michael Ross, the review is generally favorable.

Ross does a thorough job reviewing the book, delving into details no other reviewer has dared tread. In fact, he delves so deeply that he offers suggestions for future editions. While his constructive suggestions are certainly welcome, the emphasis on small errors seems overdone. However, he has some good suggestions including streamlining the book even more by moving the case studies into sidebars. Overall he recommends the book, calling it “engaging and comprehensive.”

Note that we worked hard to edit the book down into 394 pages. The raw material was much longer than that, and we wanted to avoid the length of our previous book, Speed Up Your Site, which weighed in at 528 pages. We’ll gather useful suggestions like these for any future editions.

“In general, the book achieves its goals… the writing is clear and the examples cited are applicable. The illustrations created and chosen for this book are more than adequate in quality and number… Web site statistics and other data are well referenced throughout the manuscript.”

“Website Optimization is an engaging, comprehensive, and valuable resource for anyone who wishes to improve the online marketing results of their own businesses Web sites or those of the clients they support. Online business owners and Web developers unfamiliar with core SEO and site optimization techniques, are urged to read this book.”

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