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Search Engine Optimization Generates More Leads and Sales by Achieving Top Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimization Services By WebSiteOptimization.com

Every day, the search engines and directories average 300-500 MILLION searches. In a recent Forrester Research report 81% of consumers on the Internet find products by using search Engines. Yet, only 9% of the Fortune 100 are SEO optimized (One Up Web).

Search Engine Optimization allows you to achieve top search engine placement and to tap into a new source of qualified visitors who are actively searching for products and services like yours on the Internet.

Common Problems

Unfortunately, only 7% of all websites are visible by the search engines according to a recent StatMarket.com study. Fully 44% of the Fortune 100 don’t use any SEO at all (One Up Web). Most web sites are not properly optimized for maximum search engine visibility.

The Solution: Search Engine Optimization

Have the Search Engine Optimisation experts at Web Site Optimization set-up, optimize, and manage your Search Engine Optimization campaign and transform your web site into a “hands-free” lead and sales generation system for your company.

Your new Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign will provide you with a long term increase in targeted traffic and qualified visitors to your Web Site.

Benefits of our Search Engine Optimization Service

SEO Research
Our SEO analysis lays the groundwork for a best practices game plan to raise your search engine visibility. Using tools and techniques we identify your primary keyphrases, analyze your competition, quantify keyword search demand, rewrite your important keyword areas, give specific URL and site structure recommendations, and conduct Google PageRank gap analysis on specific keyphrases. Finally we identify where to get incoming links to help raise your search engine visibility.
Keyword selection
We will create a list of the most relevant keywords that target your products and services for your SEO and PPCSE campaigns. We choose keywords that offer the most opportunity for targeted traffic.
Page optimization
Using your primary keyphrases appropriate to each page, we will optimize your pages to meet current search engine listing criteria and SEO best practices.
Site optimization
We will optimize your entire web site with the best practices of SEO to attract qualified visitors from the major search engines like Google. We can optionally rewrite your content with persuasive copywriting to improve conversion rates.
Site submission
We will submit your web pages to be indexed by the major search engines and directories to build traffic.
Link building
We will get inbound links to your site to raise traffic and PageRank. Our new Blog Marketing service builds inbounds links fater with guaranteed inbound links. Monthly press releases build inbound links through high PageRank press release sites. Optional onsite blogs can build targeted content and inlinks through syndicated RSS XML feeds.
Periodic followup & Reporting
We will make continuous changes to account for search engine algorithm changes. Using log file analysis we will “close the loop” to give visitors what they are searching for and track your progress.

For more details about our search engine optimization services, call at 877.SITEOPT (877.748.3678) or contact us.