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About Andrew B. King, MSME

Andrew B. King is the founder of WebReference.com and JavaScript.com, both award-winning developer sites from internet.com. Created in 1995 and subsequently acquired by Mecklermedia (now Jupitermedia) in 1997, WebReference has grown into one of the most popular developer sites on the Internet. While he was Managing Editor of WebReference.com and JavaScript.com, Andy became the “Usability Czar” at internet.com, where he optimized the speed and usability of their sites. Andrew subsequently started WebSiteOptimization.com a company devoted to helping companies improve website speed, traffic, and credibility.

Andy has been studying, practicing, and teaching optimization techniques for over twenty years. For his BSME and MSME from the University of Michigan, he specialized in design optimization. Recruited by NASA, he chose instead to join the fast-paced world of engineering consulting at ETA, Inc. After five years consulting as a structural engineer for Ford and GM he subsequently discovered the web. A ten-year web veteran, he has written extensively on web site optimization; this book is the culmination of that work. Here is his resume. He can be reached through our contact form.

About the Contributors

Konstantin Balashov wrote Chapter 18, “Compressing the Web” and co-wrote Chapter 12, “Optimizing Web Graphics.” Jason Wolf wrote Chapter 13, “Minimizing Multimedia” and Chapter 14, “Case Study: Apple.com.”

Konstantin Balashov

Born in Minsk, Belarus, Konstantin is an expert at data compression. In 1993 he received a degree from Belarusian State University in Informatics and Radio Electronics, where he was part of the Computer Science facility. After college he worked as a software engineer in the Science and Research Institute AGAT, at a pharmaceutical company, in banking, and as CSO at Remote Communications, a firm known for their superior compression algorithms. He co-founded OnMercial, Inc., a rich-media email advertising firm, later renamed to eyeMotiv. In January of 2001 he moved to the US to work for OnMercial on a full-time basis. In mid-2002 Konstantin accepted a job at Shop All America. He has published 11 articles on data compression. He can be reached through his web site at Miraplacid.com.

Jason Wolf

Jason is founder and president of Wolf Studios in San Francisco. One of the true remaining traditional multimedia engineering firms, Wolf Studios has created landmark Internet and multimedia pieces ranging from interactive CDs, DVDs, web sites, Shockwave games, TV commercials, films, documentaries, 3D visual effects, and video production. Jason is a best-selling author who has published many books and articles on technology and multimedia, including Shockwave 3D (New Riders, 2002). He’s won numerous awards for his work, and has worked with clients such as Apple, Levi’s, VISA, GM, Macromedia, Sony, and Pixar.

Prior to founding Wolf Studios, Jason was the Executive Director of Research & Development at marchFIRST, the Director of Multimedia at USWeb, and the Manager of Technology for CKS Partners. Jason has also worked for LucasFilms (ILM) and Koei Corporation. He can be contacted through his web site at JasonWolf.com.