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Speed Up Your Site: Web Site Optimization

Don’t make me wait!

That’s the message web users give us in survey after survey. Even high bandwidth users find web sites too slow. And with millions of sites to choose from, they simply won’t wait for slow sites. The problem? Bloated web pages. True, server load and network bottlenecks can hurt, but page size and complexity are the real satisfaction killers.

The solution? Web site optimization (WSO). To win your share of users, you’ve got to adopt the WSO mantra: “every byte counts.” Every extra byte you send puts a barrier between you and your users. In this book, you’ll discover techniques that can save anywhere from a few bytes to 30 to 60 percent off your entire bandwidth bill.


  • Figure I.1 – Web Connection Speed Trends – U.S. home users
  • Figure I.2 – Download times of Keynote Consumer 40 – 56K modems

Further Reading



  • A Performance Analysis of 40 e-Business Web Sites
    By Patrick Mills and Chris Loosley, CMG Journal of Computer Resource Management, no. 102 (2001): 28-33. From Oct. 1997 to Jan. 2001 B2B sites cut their average response times from 12 to 2.6 seconds.
  • Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth
    By Jakob Nielsen, in Alertbox (April 5, 1998). Processing power is increasing faster than bandwidth (Moore > Metcalf).
  • Web Page Design and Download Time (PDF, 740K)
    By Jing Zhi, CMG Journal of Computer Resource Management, no. 102 (2001): 40-55. Shows the factors that affect download times for threaded and non-threaded browsers.
  • Keynote’s resource library
    This page has performance-related white papers.